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Warspear Online is online game which includes general features and best traditions of MMORPG. When you enter the game you'll dive into the colorful game world with its own history, full of unforgettable adventures. Here you can find new friends from around the world. Appearance of your character is depend on items of armor that are put on it and weapon used. Hundreds of unique quests won't let you be bored and fightings with various monsters in real time mode make the game exciting and eventful. You can estimate all the advantages of the gameplay in real time even on low-speed mobile Internet.
We are working constantly on improvement of Warspear Online, aiming to make your adventures in a magical world named Arinar even more fun!
To continue playing after the free period you will need to buy game subscription. Untill the next game update the cost of a 30-day subscription is $ 2.99.

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