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KIXEYE continues synchronous strategy with “Live Battles” in War Commander

Oct 17, 2012

Since its release, one of my favorite strategy games around has been Outwitters. The fog of war, the thrill of watching your opponent step into the trap you laid three turns ago...it’s all great. Yet there’s something to be said about the frenzy of synchronous multiplayer; of jumping into the fray live and fighting it out tooth and nail. And KIXEYE certainly agrees.

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War Commander Walkthrough

Sep 23, 2011

War Commander is a Facebook game developed by Kixeye that puts you in command of your own army base, waging war against players from all over the world. Gamezebo’s War Commander strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints, and cheats to help you win the war.

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War Commander Review

Sep 19, 2011

As Facebook pushes forward to secure its place on the Internet as one of the most relevant social infrastructures, its gaming arm is, likewise, continuing to grow up. Kixeye has put together a new real-time-strategy (RTS) game that pushes the envelope in terms of mature content on the platform, but does the hardcore formula of War Commander translate well for this mostly casual audience?

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War Commander Preview

Sep 13, 2011

Military strategy games have been popping up all over Facebook recently, but Kixeye, the developer behind Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates, is looking to do something a little different. With War Commander, which launches today, players will finally be able to engage in real-time combat, and we've got the trailer to prove it.

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Backyard Monsters developer raises $18 million, adds Zynga co-founder to board

Aug 4, 2011

Kixeye, the developer behind Facebook games like Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates, has announced that it has received $18 million in Series C funding. In addition to the funding, the developer also announced that it has added Andrew Trader, one of the founding members of Zynga, to its board of directors.

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Kixeye reveals next title, real-time strategy game War Commander

Jul 25, 2011

After moving from Backyard Monsters to Battle Pirates, it looks as though developer Kixeye is sticking with military strategy for its next release. The studio revealed War Commander at the just-finished Casual Connect conference in Seattle, though details at this point are virtually non-existent.

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