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User review by sotong


I liked this game...nice one.

Graphics were nice because they were crisp & clear. The scenes were nicely laid out & items were appropriate to the time & place. The hidden objects scenes were nice too, although sometimes can be a little overcrowded with stuff. I also liked the attention to detail - it is important because it enhanced the overall feel & quality of the game. Although there was a music soundtrack, I did find it toward the quiet side. Animation, ambient sound, special effects were all pretty good too.

Story was good & interesting. The environment was more mysterious then creepy. Gameplay was of course fun because it had good combination of hidden objects scenes, inventory collection and reasonable & easy puzzles to solve. Hint recharged fairly quick. No diary entries to read. The task journal was basically a spell book so it was good that I don't have to keep referring to it during gameplay until I needed it.

I really couldn't find faults with this game except that the ending was just a little abrupt to set up for a sequel.

Overall, a very enjoyable game.

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User review by lanaxx puzzlemania


I've read the other reviews on this game, which I just finished, and it seems that everyone had the same problem I had - the ABRUPT ENDING.
Starting off to play the game turns out to be quite a surprise, it's not just a normal HOG, every item basically has to be searched for in one scene so that it can be used in another scene, I absolutely loved this. The graphics was ..ok, could have been better, but still a pleasurable sitdown and play to the end... which is the disappointment of the year. I wanted more, 5 chapters was not enough, and I feel robbed of an amazing or at least interesting turnout (which I expected). I still cant wait to play the 'continue' part, which I hope will be a longer game.
Thumbs up for the games own strategy guide, which you almost do not need, but I loved having it there and yes I did peek once when I was stuck with the second doll.
Although this game is quite entertaining, I would advice everyone that wants to play, to wait for the part 2 and then buy both to avoid disappointment.

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User review by Meli-2009


What a strange and interesting game! It is a "silent" game, I would say, that means, it does not come with "Look, what a great game i am" - not at all. In the beginning you think, what is this going to be? A house, a spell, a girl - so what? But then it unfolds in most pleasurable way and it shows that there has been put much effort into it!!! You have to free souls from different spells, and you have to find the ingredients first, which of course is not so easy. The hintbutton loads quite slowly, but that does not disturb the gamepleasure as is it almost all the time clear what to do next. It has lots of text - a wonderful book with spells and background information on it, and I did enjoy very much that someone took the time to really fill a universe and not only construct something flatlined. It is a great game and I hope it will be continued. What i did not like is that the extra bonusgame was integrated into the normal game play, this leaves you disappointed at the end, when you already were hoping for the bonus-game. But it definitively is a great game which offers a lot of silent but cute pleasure. Because of the not existing bonus-game (i don't see the additional chapter as a "bonus") it's only 4 stars, normally with a real bonus-game i would have rated it 5 stars!!!

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User review by hilofoz


I really enjoyed Voodoo Whisperer, what I really liked about what it would be immersive environments which will vary atmospheric and really created the dark and dank atmosphere of the swamp lands around New Orleans.

The story was excellent and the gameplay was good and the environments varied. The only disappointment was the strange ending of the game which of course leads to the anticipation of a sequel. This is most unsatisfactory and very unsubtle. With most games which would do end up with sequels there is usually closure to the story.

What I did like about Voodoo Whisperer is that one was able to gain insight into voodoo practices and that was very interesting indeed.

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User review by Shecat


I would like to give this 4 starts because, all in all, I enjoyed the game. The graphics are OK if not brilliant - Lillian the character's head seems too big for her body in the cut scenes. The story is quiet interesting and overall the scenes are nice.

The gameplay is relatively interesting and, although you have to move between scenes, it is limited to two or three closely related places or rooms so it's easy to remember where things are. The HOGs are good and you have to focus to find things. No real mini-games unless it's collecting things to find a clue which is fine.

The slight disappointment, and thus only 3 stars, is that the extra chapter is included in the game for the CE, which is not clear at the beginning of the game.

The big disappointment is the ending....... or should I say 'To be Continued' ..... arghhhhhh!

Developers, if you are going to do this, be a bit more subtle, give the game player at least a little bit of and ending, not a dratted cliff hanger. After such an ending I'm reluctant to get the next one just in case you do it again.

Casual games are like short stories - to be satisfying you have to obtain a result/ending of sorts. This one didn't have it and it really bothered me.

So, overall a nice game but disappointing in the end.

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User review by magfan


My favorite parts of Voodoo Whisperer were in the beginning, where your character is exploring her Mom's huge house. The story seemed promising at first but never really developed very far. You never learn the identity of the hooded figure or why you found all those incriminating notes in your own house or what could attack your Grandmother when she was already dead. And the ending was one of those dismal cliffhangers instead of a real ending.

On the plus side, I enjoyed the New Orleans setting and the object searches were mostly correct for the 1800's time period -- no hotdogs or blenders to be found. Instead you find objects such as a hat measure, an antique bicycle, and a tinderbox as well as more familiar things like bowls and spoons. There were only a couple of objects that stood out to me as maybe being a more modern design than was appropriate.

The response from the Hint button during the non-HOG parts was disappointing. Often it would give useless Hints -- highlighting a puzzle I didn't have the pieces for or highlighting the screen exit -- while draining the Hint.

As a Standard edition I'd give it 4 stars -- mainly because of the setting. But as a Collector's edition I'd only give it 2.5 stars. The bonus gameplay consists of an extra chapter that takes place in a Hotel. The entire game, including the bonus chapter, lasted me 4 hours and 16 minutes. The bonus chapter itself lasted me less than an hour and didn't really add anything to the story.

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User review by boochie54


From reading the reviews, I wasn’t expecting a great game, but I was still really disappointed by this, especially from Gogii.

The whole production looked kind of cheap to me; the graphics in the backgrounds are not bad but the character animation was like something from 3 years ago. The game play was the same; this just barely qualifies as an adventure HOG: the vast majority of inventory came from item lists, there were very few puzzles, and most were simplistic. A lot of the dialogue was really cheesy or stilted, I never really engaged with a somewhat weak story, nor with the main character, and I don't have much interest in what is very obviously going to be a sequel.

I won’t spoil the ending for those who haven’t played it, but it’s taking cliff hangers a bit too far, I think.

Even buying this on sale, I feel a little ripped off.

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User review by gobaba


It was a good, not great game. It could be confusing at times because it was necessary to collect so many items to break spells that your inventory could be overloaded with "stuff". The graphics and HO scenes were clear, scenery was lush and creepy, and there were plenty of scenes.

It occurred to me after I started playing that I'm not a great fan of voodoo games, so what the heck was I doing? My bad. I think the ending cheated us a bit. Almost all iHOGs have a sequel teaser but this went a bit further than most, almost making you want to do the sequel to make sure the heroine was okay. Hmmm, maybe they planned it that way?

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User review by dvadout


Voodoo Whisperer isn't a bad game. It's not a great game either. I find that this game is in between the two. To me it's the kind of game that doesn't have any bells or whistles. It didn't make me jump out of my skin. I haven't had to use any hints or skip any side missions yet. I played up to the point of completing the saloon task and haven't been back to play it since. I'm also not a fan of voodoo so having to make voodoo dolls every time to break a curse leaves me less enthusiastic as I should be. I'm guessing the more people say they like playing games like this with a haunting atmosphere the more so-called haunting games are coming out. The more the haunting games are starting to come out the weaker they're becoming. This is my opinion. I know some games can't be out done. Maybe I just need a break from playing the same ol' same ol'.

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User review by moneypenny


Overall, really enjoyed the game. The match puzzles were a bit simple, but then again that's okay. Plot, setting and graphics were just fine until the ending. Felt a bit cheated with the heroine stuck in a well and the grate/lid closing over her. Normally when I play Hidden Object Games, I like to leave with a sense of accomplishment and if there's a hint of a sequel, that's great. Would prefer if it wasn't so obvious. In that regard, I was a tad disappointed with the ending. Otherwise, a good game.

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