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Destroying Totems

There are five kinds of totems you have to destroy

1- the hungry totem: to destroy it you have just to use the swarm bees energy to bounce the aggressive yellow-masked heathens out from the hungry totem about 20 seconds. mean while,you should drag one villager or more to this totem (It,s better to have a building skill for the villagers you dragged),then they will begin to destroy the totem,retry the same thing you did,and the hungry totem will disappear!

2-the knowing totem as I remembered:you should use the lightning strike energy to bounce the aggressive and scary heathens out from the totem,drag villagers and they,ll begin to destroy...........do the same thing after when the heathens return back,and you will dimast the second one.

3-the rainbow totem:It,s not that easy,you should use swarm of bees energy then, wait until the scary red-masked heathen become far enough from the totem,drag your villagers to the totem fast,and let them do their jobs,as every time,retry the same thing to destroy it .

4-the hallow totem: you have to squeeze six children into it and simply,it will be dimasted!

5- The blockage totem:to destroy it,I think you should have enough energy (maybe 300 or more),first,only the master builder can destroy it,second,you should use the the lightning strike,(put it above the heathens who come to repair it),this way will bounce them so far,then,use the swarm of bees energy(put it above the same heathens),while your villagers destroy the blockage totem(you need more than two master builder to do this fast).

6-the pain totem:you should use a lightning strike directly above the totem,the totem,s 'electricity' will disappear for 20 seconds,In this moment,drag your villagers to start dimasting it,do the same thing again until it dimasts completely.

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