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Blocking Totem

Is there a way to dismantle the Blocking Totem with just one Master Builder?  I have built all my structures, including the clothing hut and the nursery and have two builders that are still adept but have not mastered building yet.  I keep taking them to the huts to fix them but they still don't gain any skill in building doing that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I ran into the same problem and figured the game was a loss, but figured out a way around it-although not fun!  It turns out if you clear the debris in front of the mausoleum the heathens leave- and then your single master builder can dismantle in peace. Here's what I did.

I lured away the yellow "guards" by dropping a child in front of them multiple times and leading them away, then keeping them there with butterflies. Then, for the blue masks piling debris, simply dropped a villager on them - if their light is already on they run! (You will keep having to do these two things the whole time when they run down.) This leaves one lone red "scary" heathen. Drop your master builder on the totem, then when the red mask comes to repair it, drop EVERYONE in your village on the debris. When he gets the totem back together, he will start back toward the debris, so you quickly again drop your master builder back on the totem. This will go on a while, but my debris was 1000%, and I only had one master builder to tear down the totem- could only get to about 2% torn down- but my village was 20 people and could clear the debris much faster than he could build it up. It was boring, and I would pause the game so I could grab everyone to put them on debris each time but it worked. I guess when I get enough villagers and have the ability to speed someone up I can beat the master builder.

Thank you so much for your post.

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