Where can we build the clothing hut?

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Where can we build the clothing hut?

Where can we build the clothing hut?

Hi xrusou, In my game, the foundation for the clothing hut appeared after all my tech skills were maximized, which seemed alittle after the fact, but the foundaion may appear earlier if you finish buying the restoration tech levels. SuzyQ

oh ok!thank you very much!

but i have restoration l3..

i have compltd all the 16 puzzles.. built 3 huts but dunno which 1 is the clothing hut.. i dropd the villagers on the hut that i made near the hut that was already there the hut which the villagers use as the to make babies.. but cant c any options there for clothes.. i have in all 4 hut now including the 1 which was alreday there..

Clothing hut is to the left of the hut nearest the woodpile, below and to left of amphitheater. It's the only one with bright color clothes hanging on each side of the door. I don't recall when the foundation appeared but took forever to get it finished as they kept going to the farther one from woodpile. Since it costs 5000 tech points to buy one outfit it is just something to do late in the game. It would be nice to switch clothes from the start when you have 7 people and 3 or 4 could be dressed the same, can't keep track of who is who. I was running out of green names, Pea, Bean, Clover, Pickle, Dill, Irish LOL cuz I usually name them by how they look, colors, or flowers. Then next generation everyone in yellow, DaffyDil, Lemon, Sunshine. In VV1 you could switch clothes from the beginning with I think function key F6 free.

the one with clothes hanging is the clothing hut you can get it after you upgrade technology level for the first time

I bought restoration level 3 everything else is level 2 and alchemy is level 3 as well. I was able to build the last small hut. There is no clothing hut and no foundation. When do I get it? Does it come when I maximize everything? I have not maximized science, leadership and nature. (I would have liked to have magic but I was not aware that I can't do both. The recipes look for interesting.)