shower is clogged

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shower is clogged

How do I unclogged the shower?

just return to the game and it seems it unclogged itself...

was thinking the same thing, got a message up tho that they need to finish there other accomplishment before starting a new one, so i finished reparing 1 hole in the floor thinking that might be it but so far shower is still cloged up

If i'm not wrong, you just have to drag your person to the workroom(the cupboards) and he'll repair the clogged showers/sinks etc.

does anyone know how u fix the floor

chrissy578 says...
does anyone know how u fix the floor  

I think that you need to buy this item from the store to be able to repair the flooring. I managed to repair one floor crack with that item, but forgot its name.

In order to deal with the clogged shower you must drag a person to the room with the washmachines. In that room there is some sort of basket with tools in it. Drag a person there and he/she will fix the shower.

not really sure, i think you just return to the game

what mutte said worked

I have the oven on fire and don't know to put it out.

To deal with the oven fire, you have to find a fire extinguisher.

It is in the shed.

To open the shed, you must first find its door knob and a key.

Both are hidden somewhere outside, near the house.