how long to have another baby?

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how long to have another baby?

hey, ive been playing this for a while now, and the baby has finally turned intoa  toddler but how long untill the parents can have another baby because it keeps saying its to soon even if i use the irrisitable perfume on them lol... any advice, will be grateful.. im new to will helpful if i could gain any friends from here :) thanks...

The game developpers are not saying. It depends on a lot of factors that are not possible to predict. Sometimes you can get a baby right away, sometimes you have to wait longer. When they say "too soon" there's nothing you can do but wait.

If they argue keep trying as they will change their mind easily. 

I have found that my parents will not 'try' for a baby until the toddler turns 4. 

It varies, from family to family and even between babies in the same family. I've had a 6 year gap between them, and a 2 year gap. Just try every hour or so once the youngest is our of mom's arms.

bknhd says...
I have found that my parents will not 'try' for a baby until the toddler turns 4.   

 i also found the same thingCool

  I have figured out a trick on how to get them to have another kid when the child is 2 and the parents won't age. Ok so right after the child turns into a toddler feed the family a meal, give the parents vitamins or fruit (if you have them) and then put the game on pause (by pressing the space bar). In 45 mins to a hour go back and un-pause the game and they should be ready to have a baby. If they still aren't ready keep it on pause. They won't age on pause but they will be ready for another baby.

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