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Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story

Anyone else playing this game? I'm stuck in town with one coin, I need three to operate the machine, i need a gear to open the gate and this smog is blocking the door and and I can't find a sign that's suppose to help. nothing is happening in the limited places I can go. 

I'm in the same spot. If i figure it out I'll let you know.

Thanks wilccaf......CryThis game sucks!! Had i knwon ther wasn't a walkthrough. I would have never brought it.

Frown Hi can anybody help me I'm stuck too in the city please somebody help me:(

Cry Where's the Walkthrough for this game?

Go to the phone booth, even though it says the # is out of service dial it, don't just hit the numbers DIAL it.  Then use the brick before you leave.  If you haven't found the # go to the bar.

Smile Go to youtube, you will find walkthrough # 1 & 2, that's what I did it will explain everything  hope it works for you:)