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Unstoppable Gorg is a lovingly crafted homage to vintage sci-fi films from the 1950s. Flying saucers, rubbery aliens, dodgy effects, it's got it all. The game's story scenes were shot on film using models, miniatures and live action actors and then edited together with genuine archive footage to create a classic sci-fi experience that is out of this world.

Unstoppable Gorg Review

Jan 24, 2012

The heyday of drive-in theaters is long past us. Though a few still exist here and there, those of us my age will never know the thrill of seeing a triple feature of monster flicks when they were still new. Sure, we have those multi-DVD sets available to us offering 50 movies for $10, but it’s just not the same. Luckily, games aren’t bound by such rules of the time-space continuum. Futuremark Game Studios' new tower defense game, Unstoppable Gorg, is here to fill a hole in your gaming library you probably didn’t know existed.

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Unstoppable Gorg Preview

Dec 9, 2011

Unstoppable Gorg is an upcoming tower defense game that's unique for a couple of reasons: First, there's the over-the-top B-movie theme, which is designed to pay homage to vintage sci-fi films of the 1950's as you defend Earth against invading by sending satellites into orbit. Then there's the gameplay, which lets you move your towers in real-time by rotating the orbits that surround planets in order to gain the upper hand.

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