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Get Out Of Cave

To re-start this puzzle, first, close the map and dim the light by clicking on the light.To do this bring up the inventory, you should have at least 2 items: Map, and Light.1) Attached the battery you have found (NOT the hint battery, the battery for the touch light is white in color), by clicking..
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Get out of the cave

I got stuck and found this on another website. Above the leftmost symbol that looks like a keyhole or up arrow there are three buttons that do not have a symbol on them. They are in an arc. The left one is hard to see. When you punched on the keyhole or arrow button you accidentally also punched one..
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Unexpected Journey - Cave

lit up the symbols every variation I could think of but nada! No reaction whatsoever. I followed the order on the paper (left to right, top to bottom). What am I missing?
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Unexpected journey

there are markings on the wall in the cave. you have to light them up in a certain order to open the gate.there is a map w/ the code on it but you have to be sure all the markings are dark, then light them up by the code. It took me a few minutes to figure it out. good luck
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