Moon Smithy

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Moon Smithy

when i click the build button to build the moon smithy nothing happens  which was fine until now ive an island full of monsters i cant kill and no sign of how to remove them , only guessing the smithy helps . Any advice anyone ?

Same thing happens to me. I tried looking for it in the build menu but it doesn't seem to be there...



I found it. It's located on the right on the screen amongst the special offers. You have to collect so many things before you can select to build it. 

Guess those of us too poor to put money in the account will have to make do with waiting for the blue moon magic to refill by itself each day and hope we can still collect enough items!

thanks for the help , yeah getting a bit annoyed with stupid quests that you cant do withing the time allowed unless you have to buy stuff too , was enjoying it but getting a bit tedious in that regard

Yeah another money riper and noticed that the Fairies from which you need more are the rarest. And lets face it is not that much of a reward to worth bothering. I prefer to do the main quests and advance in the main game.