How do I get a Sand Pit?

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How do I get a Sand Pit?

Most of my quests now require buildings that need cut marble.  This needs sand to produce.  The sand pit is not available to me and when I click it I'm told "You need to complete quest: Find items.  This quest isn't available to you yet".  What is the chain of quests that'll unlock this sand pit quest pls?

Can't really remember the exactquests but I do know that you have to unlock the mystery shore island and build them there. 

I'm having the same problem. Was told its the quest to find diamonds gold and UFO disc but I've found those and still nothing. I'm stuck needing sand to most everything.


Have you managed to get a sand pit yet? I'm having the same problem


Just keep making them search for the items in the ufo, it does take ages so do other challenges too as one of them may make you get the last bit you need! hope that helps! :)

It is not related to the UFO, that is just coincidence. 


Upgrade 3  villas to level 3 on Mystery Island.


After that you get the quest to find items for the sand pit.


After you find all the items you can build the sand pit.

I upgraded 3 Villas to level 3 on Mystery Shore, but still did not get a quest to find items for the sand pit.  I upgraded them to level 4 (the highest level) and still no quest.  I'm still missing one mutaplasm container from the UFO - maybe I have to have that before I will get the sand pit items quest?

As I recall there are two quests in a row to collect things from the UFO. Perhaps the first one is a pre-req for the sand pit while the second is not. What are your other open quests for Mystery Shore?

My open quests on Mystery Shore are: Find the 5th Mutaplasm container in the UFO (this will complete the quest to find items in the UFO that are needed to repair the bathyscaphe), build the 5th Trading Post (I have already built 4 Trading Posts, 3 Shaman Shops, and one Theater), and upgrade the Stone Guardian to level 3 and order the Lengthy Deal at the Stone Guardian. But I can't upgrade the Stone Guardian until I can process marble, which requires sand.  So the Stone Guardian upgrade quest obviously can't be completed  until I can get the Sand Pit. 


I've been trying to get that 5th Mutaplasm container for days, but no luck yet.  Hopefully once I do finally get it, that will trigger the search for sand pit items.

Yeah that sounds right, keep at it, those find item quests can be annoying. I've given up on two of them and just spent the gems.

Finally!  As soon as I got the last Trading Post built, the quests came up to collect shovels and a wheelbarrow from the mines and lumber mills, and build a Sand Pit (after those items are found).  So it doesn't have anything to do with the UFO search, because I'm still searching for that last Mutaplasm container. 


Thanks for your help, Born-of-Ashes - I was getting a little discouraged...