Finding Parcels

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Finding Parcels

I need to find Parcels in the Houses to allow me to build a Post Office on Mystery Shore.  However it has now been nearly 2 weeks and I have only found 2. 

I have been stuck on this goal for a month, and I haven't found any parcels. I like this game but this is my only problem with it. Finding some of this stuff takes forever which is frustrating, especially if they only give you certain amount of time to finish certain goals.

I'm having the exact same problem. I have 2 quests asking me find build the post office. It has been 5 weeks Since i have been waiting for the last parcel to drop. Getting ready to give up on this game!

Was having the same issue then read somewhere to make sure you have lots of "huts" as they produce money quicker.  By the time I built the second hut the last parcel finally dropped.  Up to that point only had the bigger houses on the island.  Hope that helps! 


It worked, thank you!

It worked for me as well, I have finally been able to build the Post Office Cool