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Township is a new social game by Playrix that offers you a chance to build your very own town. Construct houses to increase population in your township. Gather in crops and run processing factories to earn money for further developing your township. Build cafes and cinemas for fostering social life. Share your vision of a perfect place to live in with your friends wherever they are.

Township Review

Jul 15, 2011

Once a game genre blows up on Facebook, it gets increasingly more difficult for new developers to find a way to make their entry in the genre feel distinct. Playrix’s Township, rather remarkably, manages not to look or feel excessively like any of the other city building games currently available on Facebook. What sets Township apart is a mechanic that ties the size and prosperity of a user’s town to economic factors like farming, industry, and trade. While the result may levy a “no friends” tax on solo gamers, it has lots of promise for players who have friends in the game with them.

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