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User review by kampmari


Did anybody ever reached The Guardian Moon. So yes, where can I find the last 5% of little diamonds?

User review by Suzanne13


I loved it so much I had to get the Gold Edition!!!

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User review by Dorothy Weir


hi i thought totem tribe was brill im hooked cant wait to get totem gold

User review by TinnitusGuy


Wow excellent game really enjoyed it.

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User review by Diskette66


What a great game! Another one I wish I had tried much sooner. This is a tribal simulation game with so much to do and with an emphasis on exploration. You are exploring multiple islands, building huts, barracks, towers, workshops, raising hunters, archers, scouts, builders and exploring the island looking for gems, coins, totems and other special objects. You must defend your village at all costs. Each building is upgradeable and every level has specific goals you must fulfill. Every island you do there is a heavy emphasis on the unknown, you never know what you will find, or be up against. Very challenging (but fun!) strategy game. I loved this game so much I ran right to the developer and purchased Totem Tribe Gold to play after this one. Excellent game - highly recommend it.

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User review by triptych


Really nice game. Even though it has its wrinkles like any game, it's really engaging and seems to walk the line between casual gameplay and hardcore strategy.

User review by beatrizcatalan


I have played a large amount of games,but none were as spectacular, addicting. enjoyable, trilling, great to play as Totem Tribe. I give this game a MILLION votes. cant waite for part 2,,,, Thank you ENKORD!

User review by RIColeman


I have become nothing but frustrated with a game that I originally found enjoyable. The difficulty of the hidden objects is ridiculous with no hints to get through the tough spots. I have played Cradle of the North 6 times now and only until this last time did I find all 50 crystals. Even after that I still could not defeat the shades. I am too disgusted now to try again and will most likely just uninstall this mindnumbing game.

User review by greengirl02


This is the most addictive game I have ever played in my entire life besides the Sims 2. I'm not kidding. I don't know what it is, but the graphics are great, the strategy aspect is the best I've seen, and the little side-quests and hidden objects to find are fun. My only qualms with the game is the fact the the story line doesn't quite make a lot of sense to me (not that I care that much), and the hidden objects are sometimes impossible to find. If you go on the forums, you can tell that everyone is having trouble finding certain items. The game should have challenges, but certain things should NOT be impossible to achieve. Overall, I really love this game, so be prepared to spend hours and hours on your butt playing it!

User review by 88in09


I agree with most--addictive and needs only two changes--counter for how many gems each level and a hint letting you know if you've completely finished a level (this could be a catch-22 as some levels you have to go back to finish and if you don't know that, you could go insane LOL!).

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