Treasure Chest: Missing One Special Item

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Treasure Chest: Missing One Special Item

What is the item in the upper right corner of the treasure chest? Based on its silhouette, I found a matching graphic file that looks like the pearl-topped head of a staff or magic wand. Is that correct?

On which island is it found, and what do I have to do to find it? I thought I had finished all the tasks up to entering the comet, except for the last 8% of missing gems (grrr), until I saw this blank space in the chest.

Can someone fill me in, please?

(Bump) -- Still missing. Someone thinks it might be up the Rainbow Road, which I can't access yet.

Anyone know for sure?

It's the Relic Of Prosperity and is on the Guardian Moon, which you can only get to after getting 100% on Rainbow Road, not that I have ever got there. I have 6 games on the go and on every one I am stuck at 95% of Rainbow Road.It's driving me nuts!!

Thanks, tigger! Maybe I can help you, too.

There are some threads in here that tell of special caches of hidden gems and what you have to do to get them. Following their advice, my percentage jump from 92% to 96% on just to islands. I think I'm now missing only one or two gems, stalled out at 99%. I'm ready to ask for an ultimate cheat, to rewrite some data file somewhere!

... just two (not to) islands ...

did u get the gems out of the middle pyramids at the top of worship island. keep clicking it and they will come.   if ur at 96% ur missing more then one gem. there is a cheat if u want to know it.  

I found help at other threads here, AK, so now I'm at 99%. The Treasure Chest looks like there are shadows where three gems should be. Five days, six times around every island, modified gem graphics, etc. I'm out of options.

I'm good at Hidden Object games and most puzzle games, so this one is definitely driving me nuts ... but in a nice way ...