help with treasury

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help with treasury

i cant seem to find the necklace at the top under the top right item where u get it from the rainbow road it looks like a necklace with teeth on it can someone please tell me where it is i looked everywhere i did the cheats and still cant find it

I am missing an item on the Treasures page in the top right corner. It is above the red triangle and a necklace beside it. Can someone tell me where to find that item?  I've been back to each Island several times and can't find it. I also have all the building except the last one. Where do I find it?

The top right necklace is the Tribal Amulet which you can find on the Ruins of Dream Shore. It's in the chest on the small bit of land in the north-east. You can get to it by finding 9 big stones and clicking on them so they start to vibrate.

The other relic, at the very top right, above the necklace, is the relic of prosperity, which can be found on rainbow road, I presume. I haven't been to rainbow road yet myself. To get access to rainbow road you need to find ALL the little coloured gems on all islands...

Thank  you very much.  I forgot one more item.  There are 5 masks. I am missing the 4th one.

Tips and Tricks mentions only three masks, though I know there are five. The ones there are on Scorched, Shark, and Worship. If you've found those, then you're on your own. The last two were late in the journey, probably on the dark islands, but I don't remember past that. Good luck!

You get one when you first get shamans on Cradle of the North. Others are on Scorched, Volcano, Shark and Worship