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Top Eleven lets you create and manage your football club, play in League, Cup, Champions League and Friendly games against your friends.
Buy players on auctions, train them and create tactics that best fit your squad and style. Build your stadium and facilities. Earn cash from sponsorships, tv rights, prizes, player sales. Enjoy the best football management game on Facebook!

Gamezebo Cribs: Nordeus edition

Jan 5, 2012

It's 2012, and we're kicking off a new year of Gamezebo Cribs by heading to Belgrade, Serbia to see the offices of game developer Nordeus. While the studio has only released one game so far, it's one that we just can't stop playing. Top Eleven is currently the top sports game on Facebook, and thanks to the release of apps on both Android and iOS it's easier to play than ever. Let's check out where the soccer management addiction is made.

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Why Top Eleven is a great example of cross-platform gaming

Nov 29, 2011

Cross-platform gaming is primed to be the next big thing. And the concept of playing the same game no matter what device you're on is certainly a intriguing possibility. Problem is, we're not quite there yet. Often when a Facebook game gets ported to mobile, or vice versa, the two games don't speak to one another. You can slay zombies on both Facebook and iOS with Zombie Lane, for instance, but you can't slay the same zombies, as progress isn't shared between the two versions.

Nordeus' soccer management game Top Eleven, on the other hand, is a solid example of how to do cross-platform gaming right. The new mobile version of the game doesn't have everything the Facebook version does, but instead it offers up a supplementary experience that greatly enhances playing the game.

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Soccer management game Top Eleven slides on to iOS

Nov 23, 2011

First Facebook, then Android, and now developer Nordeus has announced that hit soccer management game Top Eleven is available in the Apple App Store.

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Top Eleven Review

Oct 19, 2011

Even by sports management game standards Top Eleven is a slow burn. You can’t jump right into the action and start winning games. You can’t just go out and buy the best player you can find. Instead, you’ll have to adhere to a real-world schedule and carefully manage your finances. It may not sound like a lot of fun, but if you’re interested in the nitty gritty of running a soccer club, there are few better choices than Top Eleven.

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Top Eleven gets biggest update yet next week

Oct 6, 2011

Top Eleven, the soccer management game that recently surpassed FIFA Superstars as the biggest sports game on Facebook, will be getting its biggest update yet starting next week. Top Eleven 2.0, as it's being called, will bring with it new features and an updated interface.

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Interview: How Top Eleven beat FIFA Superstars to become the top soccer game on Facebook

Sep 27, 2011

Serbia-based Nordeus may not be as big as EA, but that hasn't stopped the developer's game Top Eleven from surpassing FIFA Superstars as the most popular soccer game on Facebook. Since its release last May, the game has been steadily rising in popularity, and today commands over 4.5 million monthly active users. It's also Nordeus' only release since the developer was founded in 2009. Gamezebo spoke to CEO Branko Milutinovic to learn a bit more about the success of Top Eleven and what we can expect to see next from Nordeus.

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