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By Jim Squires | Mar 23, 2012 |

TinyCo brings monster breeding to the mountain tops in Tiny Monsters

Have you ever wondered what lives up at the top of the tallest mountains? I’m not talking Everest and K2, here – I’m talking those massive, magical mountains of myth. The kinds of mountains that break through the clouds, and whose peaks rise high above them. If you ever managed to make it that high, you might be surprised by what you’d find. Maybe, just maybe, these are the tops of mountains where Tiny Monsters dwell.

Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters

While the paragraph above might sound like something out of the lost works of H.P. Lovecraft, TinyCo’s next release is about as cute and cuddly as monster play can get. Players will set up shop at the top of one of these aforementioned mountains to build a wildlife preserve where they can hatch and protect a variety of made-up monsters, from the fiery Magma monster to the bouncing Bug.

In zoo-like fashion, your habitat will attract visitors who are more than happy to pay for the privilege of seeing your rare beasts. Also taking a cue from the popular social zoo formula, players will be able to breed and evolve their creatures, creating new eggs by cross breeding different species to see what new monsters can result.

Different species, of course, will require different habitats – and TinyCo is promising one for every class of creature the game has to offer. Expect to build homes with suitable living conditions for fire, water, air, earth, plant, and ice type critters.

Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters

Farming will also play a role in Tiny Monsters, as these growing beasties will need to be fed. Thankfully we won’t see the larger monsters snacking on the littler ones – instead every creature high atop the clouds is happy to get their fill on the fruits and veggies that only you can provide. Players will also find that exploration plays an important role, as they’ll need to clear away rocks and thickets to make room for the habitats that each creature will need to survive.

While we haven’t seen the game in action yet, TinyCo have assured us that Tiny Monsters will “set a new bar for art and animation in mobile gaming.” That’s a pretty lofty promise to put out there. Thankfully we won’t have to wait long to see if they can deliver – Tiny Monsters will be should be hitting mobile devices soon.

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