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By Andrew Webster | Sep 15, 2011 |

Game Introduction - Tiny Farm

Tiny Farm is an iPhone game developed by Com2uS that lets you manage your very own farm. Gamezebo’s Tiny Farm strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you build a prosperous farm.

Quick Start Guide

Tiny Farm

Getting Started

  • Tiny Farm can be downloaded from the Apple app store by clicking the “Play Now” link at the top of this page.

Tiny Farm

  • If you don’t already have a Com2uS account, you’ll need to sign up for one. This requires a valid email address and a password.

Navigating the Game Screen

  • Tapping on the wrench icon in the upper left corner will bring up a menu with a number of options. These include:
  • Inventory: here you can manage any items in your inventory.

Tiny Farm

  • Collection: there are a number of different types of animals in the game, and each is part of a collection. If you manage to collect all three animals in a collection you’ll earn a reward usually in the form of a rare animal.
  • Redesign: this option allows you to move items around your farm. To move an object simply tap on it and drag it where you want it go. You can also sell it by selecting the dollar sign option.
  • Ranking and trophy: these options let you compare your high scores and view any completed achievements through Game Center.
  • Exit game: is where you can exit the game.

Tiny Farm

  • Below the wrench you’ll see several other icons, which represent your current quests. Tapping on the icon will give you all the information you need to complete the quest.
  • At the bottom of the screen you can view several pieces of information, including your current experience level, the number of animals you currently have, the amount of money you currently have, and the number of bells (premium currency) you currently have.
  • At the bottom left is a “World Map” option, which is how you can interact with friends. Any friends you have playing the game will be shown on this screen, and you can visit their farms to lend a hand.
  • At the bottom right is the “Store” option where you can buy buildings and decorations for your farm. Some items cost cash, while others cost bells.

Tending To Crops and Animals

Tiny Farm

Tiny Farm

  • When an animal is hungry a bail of hay icon will appear over it head. To feed it, simply tap the animal.
  • In order to breed animals you’ll first need to make them happy by showing them love. To do this, tap the animal and then tap on the “Give Love” button until its happiness is full. You’ll need to do this with two animals of the same species and then drag them near to each other. In order to go through with the breeding you’ll need to pay a fee, as well.
  • You can also sell animals from this menu, which you’ll need to do both to make space for other animals and to earn money.

Tiny Farm

  • You can also send out rangers to capture additional animals from your farm. To do this you’ll need a Ranger’s Station, which can be purchased from the store. Sending out rangers will cost you money and takes a certain amount of time, depending on the animal being captured.

Tiny Farm

  • Animals can also be purchased from the shop. Note that the shop is different from the store, and is a building located on your farm.
  • In addition to animals, no farm would be complete without crops. To grow crops you’ll need to buy plots of land from the store. Once a plot has been placed a rake symbol will appear over it, meaning that it’s time to plant something.

Tiny Farm

  • To plant a crop simply tap on an open plot and a menu will pop up featuring different types of vegetables. Each crop has a certain cost associated with it as well as a time that it takes to mature. If you don’t harvest a crop soon after it matures it will wilt and you won’t earn as much money from harvesting it.

Tiny Farm

  • When a crop is ready to harvest an icon will appear over top of it with an image of that particular crop.


  • You’ve completed the Tiny Farm quick start guide for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you have all the skills you need to run a successful farm full of happy, healthy animals. Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for our extensive coverage with reviews, previews, guides and more.

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