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The Tiny Bang Story is set on the fictitious world of the Tiny Planet. When an asteroid hit the planet, its fragile world broke into pieces. Players will now have to recover its lost beauty and help the population of the Tiny Planet. Along their way through five chapters, players will solve numerous puzzles and fix imaginative machines in a classic point & click environment.

Indie studios publish letter detailing exploitative nature of Mamba Games Ltd.

Feb 11, 2013

Amanita Design, Colibri Games, and Daedelic Entertainment, the studios behind Machinarium, The Tiny Bang Story, and the Deponia series, respectively, have published an open letter chronicling the ways in which Lace Mamba Global and Mamba Games Ltd. (allegedly these are separate companies – more on that shortly) appear to have abused and oftentimes ignored contracts signed with the studios. As requested, we’re sharing the letter in its entirety.

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The Tiny Bang Story: An Interview with Colibri Games

May 27, 2011

It seems fitting that Colibri Games takes its name from a tiny yet beautiful bird. The indie studio from Russia is literally an army of two that has created The Tiny Bang Story, a delicate and inspired point-and-click adventure that's currently basking in well-deserved praise. We sat down with Colibri Games to learn more about the studio and the making of their first indie gem.

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The Tiny Bang Story Review

May 2, 2011

While it was the Big Bang that created our universe, it took just a Tiny Bang to create a stunningly magical gaming experience. The Tiny Bang Story is a carefully crafted concoction of hidden item finding and puzzle-solving sown into a beautiful hand-drawn world of make-believe, and you'll want to scour every nook and cranny to reap as much enjoyment as possible.

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The Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough

Apr 29, 2011

Welcome to The Tiny Bang Story walkthrough on Gamezebo. The Tiny Bang Story is a point and click adventure game played on Windows or Mac, created by Colibri Games. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide for how to complete The Tiny Bang Story.

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