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By Nadia Oxford | Apr 19, 2012 |

Telepath Tactics for PC, Mac, and Linux turns you and your pals into tacticians

Sinister Design is bringing you back to the world of Telepath RPG: Servants of God with Telepath Tactics, a turn-based tactics game that you can play online with your friends. Who’s the smartest, most capable military strategist amongst your buddies? We already know that the answer is you, but Sinister wants to give you a chance to prove it.

Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics, which is in development for PC, Mac, and Linux (with future iOS and Android releases being possibilities), should be familiar to fans of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics: The game features pixel-based graphics, you assemble an army out of 22 classes, and then you and your pals take turns moving your troops locally, or over the Internet. You can battle up to six players at once, and if you don’t have any friends, you can always opt for a match against the AI.

Like all games of war—digital and otherwise—you must learn how to use the terrain to your advantage. You can smash through walls, rob the high ground, build bridges, and lay down explosives. You can also back your foes into undesirable puddles of stuff, like water and lava. For a change, try flinging your best friend off a cliff.

Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics has multiple gameplay modes, including Last Man Standing and Capture the Flag. Matches can also be customized to include fog of war, custom respawn, and other options.

Gamezebo will keep you up to speed on the release date and other information for Telepath Tactics as it comes. War is hell, but when you’re sitting in a living room and drinking beers with your friends, it’s kind of all right.

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