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You are Kyle - A smart but awkward kid with telekinetic powers. After your 'gift' is discovered, you are sent away to what purports to be a school for gifted children. However, Kyle quickly realizes that the school is just a front for a military experiment inside of a sinister mountain fortress, and he is held captive for testing. Use your power of telepathy to solve difficult puzzles as you flee the mountain fortress. Levitate crates to create stairs, redirect pipes to douse fires, activate elevators, avoid lasers, robots, and lava!

Telekinesis Kyle Review

Aug 16, 2013

If I had telekinesis when I was Kyle’s age, I think it sure would have made getting through middle school a whole heck of a lot easier! In Telekinesis Kyle, players take control of a young boy named Kyle, who gets dropped off at a secret research facility to learn how to fine-tune his telekinetic powers. However, things are not all how they seem, and soon after Kyle arrives, his new mentor Dr. Professor begins to show some questionable ulterior motives. But even with the whimsical and character-driven humor of games like Psychonauts on its side, there’s too much about this puzzle-platform adventure that clatters to the floor like a loud metal crate with no kinetic energy to keep it in motion. 

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Telekinesis Kyle Developer Diary #3: Look & Feel

Jun 26, 2013

It’s simply staggering to any new developer to think of how many creative decisions need to be made to develop a video game. Starting a new game is like starting with a blank canvas; every single detail that appears on the screen needs to be decided on by you. Then, after all those aesthetic decisions have been made, there are added layers of interactivity, and innumerable technical considerations.

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Telekinesis Kyle Developer Diary #2

Jun 12, 2013

It’s hard to believe we’ve come this far. We started this game six months ago with a single sketch of an awkward-looking kid standing next to a mad scientist. Since then, it’s grown into a full-fledged game and our hero, Kyle, is a fully animated model, navigating an increasingly rich 3D environment. With each week we have seen Telekinesis Kyle get closer to completion, but the question in the back of our minds is always, “How can we best tell this story?”

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