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It’s tea time! Manage your own tea shop and delight customers with the sweetest drinks and most delicious cakes. Decorate the place and customize your employees to create the greatest store in the world!

Gamezebo Cribs: Metrogames edition

Sep 6, 2011

With a diverse line-up of social and mobile games that includes titles like Tea4Friends, Auto Hustle, and Fashion World, Metrogames boasts nearly six million monthly active users worldwide, and that's on Facebook aline. And with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it's also part of one of the fastest growing regions in gaming. In this latest edition of Gamezebo Cribs we head into the offices of Metrogames to see what the game development studio looks like on the inside.

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Tea4Friends Review

Jul 1, 2011

Tea4Friends is a cafe game variant that's all about tea parties. The goal of the game is to serve tea and desserts to as many customers as possible, make lots of money, and spend it on improving your shop. It's very simple, traditional management sim stuff. The most noticeable element of Tea4Friends is the cartoony avatars, which are drawn in a wonderfully expressive style. While not highly customizable in terms of fashion options, you can create extremely detailed faces. You can freely customize your avatar and the in-game represenations of friends you hire as staffers.

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Tea4Friends Walkthrough

Jun 28, 2011

Tea4Friends is a Facebook game developed by Metro Games, that lets you start your own restaurant where you can serve tea, beautiful cakes, and exotic desserts to your customers. Prepare the food, hire your staff, and customize their looks. Expand the building, add appliances and personal and decorative touches to your restaurant that are sure to please your customers. Increase your popularity rating and even more customers will flock to your store. Visit your friends also playing the game and help clean up their restaurants for large bonuses and they will return the favor. Gamezebo’s Tea4Friends quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

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