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The King’s furry kingdom is in jeopardy. Time to swing into action! Fling the King across levels, through obstacles and traps to grab stars and reach his flying unicorn. Use simple touch controls to aim the King’s trajectory, move obstacles out of his way, and use power-ups such as the sticky grappling point and the boxing glove. Your kingdom is in trouble. What are you waiting fur?

Swing King Review

Jan 7, 2013

The story of Swing King is one we can all relate to: our fuzzy monarch hero, who is apparently part sticky hand toy, is canoodling with his frog Queen one evening.  Out of the night comes a much taller, Cat-in-the-Hat-hatted fuzzy villain, who steals the stars from the sky.  Our hero swings into action, hoping to reclaim the stars with the help of his trusty unicorn steed, and get back to his romantic evening.

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Swing King Preview

Dec 20, 2012

I was the king of the swings back in elementary school. No one on the playground could swing as high as me, which left me feeling, quite literally, on top of the world. But having seen what the main character of Swing King is capable of, I now know it’s time to pass the torch. My days as king are over, and his have just begun.

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