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Once upon a time, Sweet Kingdom was ruled by a kind, wise princess who was adored by all throughout the land. One day, an ominous cloud gathered over the kingdom and a dark spell was cast upon the princess, turning her into stone. Without the careful hands of the princess, the kingdom quickly fell into decay and ruin. Now it is up to you, the princess's faithful friend Molky, to find a way to save the princess from the evil spell! Can you find all of the magical artifacts scattered throughout the kingdom and bring the princess back to life?

Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess Review

Feb 25, 2013

A peaceful kingdom has been rocked with the loss of its princess. A dark presence has turned the princess to stone, and you’re the only person that can reverse the spell using the power of sunshine and light. Through dozens of time management levels, Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess will see you balancing the use of resources as you collect sunshine and restore the Kingdom, and it’s a system that works well even with its unique user interface.

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