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Sunshine Bay gives you an opportunity to stay on a tropical island where you can enjoy crystal-clear water, luxurious yachts, the sun, SPA and, of course, a great company. It’s sunny here all year long, and there are numerous other features for your enjoyment:
- You can buy yachts and send them all sailing over the world, from the Bahamas to Reykjavik,
- You can build luxury houses and restaurants to attract more tourists,
- You can visit your friends on neighboring islands.
If you feel inclined to do more than just lounge on the beach, there’s plenty of mystery and intrigue for you! As a first order of business, try to find out why you were chosen as the manager for the entire island. Or find a map with a mysterious route and go out to the ocean. What does it hold in store for you? The splash of water and the gust of wind in your eyes as you sail on — or fierce storms, sea monsters, and the treasure they guard on the ocean floor? Set sail for adventure and find out!

Sunshine Bay Walkthrough

Oct 31, 2013

Sunshine Bay is a city-building social game created by Game Insight International. In this game, you'll manage a seaside vacation resort hotspot, arrange cruises for vacationers, and become a major stopping point for guest cruises. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Sunshine Bay

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Sunshine Bay Review

Oct 28, 2013

Nothing like a seaside getaway! Too bad you're not here to soak up the rays. Sunshine Bay puts you in the managerial shoes at a resort where people come to kick back and relax. It's your job to make sure their basic needs are met, sending them on pleasure cruises and providing shopping centers to turn your piece of oceanfront property into a bustling economical juggernaut!

Sunshine Bay is a serene building sim that only looks complex on the surface. The basic goal is to send visitors out on voyages and use the money you earn to expand your shoreline town. A bigger town, in turn, allows you to build bigger and better boats, creating a feedback loop that (hopefully) ends in a bustling, successful resort.

Sunshine Bay

Click on the icons at the bottom of the screen to add new structures or check your warehouse contents. When passengers arrive or boats need tending to, an alert appears above them on the map. Click, collect any icons that pop out, and then repeat! You should keep as many ships out to sea as your piers can support, so always have one eye on expansion while the other monitors potential passengers.  Much like any simulation game, you'll also receive missions to complete. They range from building orders to quick voyages out to sea. Quests earn you cash and increase your level ranking, giving you access to more buildings and boats.

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