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Explore a vast underground ocean in your customised steamship! A PC & Mac game in glorious 2D from the creators of Fallen London.

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Sep 11, 2013

The world of Fallen London has been captivating players for the past four years.  The browser-based choose-your-own-adventure takes place in a Victorian-era version of London that has been stolen by a bat-run Bazaar near Hell, and now exists in a tremendous underground cavern known as the Neath.  The immersive fiction weavers behind Fallen London, Failbetter Games, are planning to expand their richly bizarre steampunk world beyond words and still images with the upcoming survival-strategy game, Sunless Sea.  Gamezebo spoke with Paul Arendt, co-founder and Director of Failbetter Games, about Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and why you should not feed the monkeys in either.

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