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Subway Surfers Walkthrough

May 31, 2012

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game for mobile devices. All you want to do is tag and collect coins, but the police are none to happy with your hobbies. You’ll need to traverse subway tracks to escape the police and collect as many coins as possible. Gamezebo’s quick start guide is here to help you with tips, tricks, and walkthroughs that will surely help you achieve your goals.

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Subway Surfers Review

May 30, 2012

Having never possessed the stamina required to complete a marathon, I feel a resentment of sorts towards endless runner games. How come the hero in Temple Run can run as far as he likes – skill of player permitting – and I can barely run two miles? And don't tell me exercise, because that clearly isn't what gives the characters of Subway Surfers an advantage. No, they have access to jetpacks and hoverboards. Not fair.

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Subway Surfers Preview

Apr 23, 2012

Open wide: here comes the choo-choo train. Kiloo, the studio behind last year’s pretty rockin’ Frisbee Forever, has a new project in the works called Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers is a futuristic racing/stunt iOS game featuring three rebellious youths, and no, it has nothing to do with riding a $5 Footlong on a wave.

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