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Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years Review

Oct 5, 2012

The name "Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years" sounds like an action game, but in reality it's a physics-based title not unlike Angry Birds and its ilk. Rather than focusing on the environment and how to best destroy it and all who dwell within, though, your goal is to nail that perfect landing... or at least get close enough.

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Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years Preview

Jul 17, 2012

Are you middle aged? Well, here’s a fact for you: you’re never too old to shock your mother into a heart attack. Sign up for a career as a Hollywood stuntman (or woman) today! What? You don’t like shuffling through life with a shattered pelvis? All right, fine. Start off slowly by downloading Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years, a physics-based stunt game for iOS. Then we’ll talk about that shattered pelvis.

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