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The classic board game of battlefield strategy, now available for the iPad! Do you have what it takes to achieve victory on the battlefield? Defeat your opponents in the official Stratego iPad game!
Protect your flag against your enemies, and make sure to capture your opponent’s flag first! See you on the battlefield…
★★★★★ “Great job! This game brings back old memories, it’s nice and money worth.”
★★★★★ “Yes! I have been waiting looong for this amazing game and here it is! The multiplayer mode is fantastic! A must buy for every stratego player out there! ;)”
► Full game or Quick game
Stratego offers a Single Player and a Multiplayer mode, where you can choose between a full (40 pieces) or a quick (10 pieces) game. After you have created a setup, you can save it: this means you can use it again and again if it proves to be successful!
► Challenge your friends
Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer: the Stratego friends list makes it easy to challenge your friends, but you can also add players you recently met in battle to your friends list.
► Customize your army
Do you prefer the classic look of Stratego? No problem, just change the artwork on your pieces! You can also change the color and the coat of arms of your pieces, as well as your avatar and battlefield.
► Support
If you have comments or complaints please contact us:
► iOs: 5.1+
► Minimal requirements: iPad2+

Stratego Review

Jan 30, 2013

If you've never played Stratego before, well friend, you're a little late to the party. It's a classic board game of capture the flag that’s simple enough to learn quickly, but full of subtle strategies. While it's been around for ages, it's never been given a treatment like Jumbo and Keesing Games just put together, playable on iPad or any web browser and with plenty of great new features.

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Stratego arrives on browser, Facebook, and iPad

Jan 29, 2013

Stratego is a bona fide board game classic. But despite its enduring popularity, it’s somehow never made the leap over to browser/mobile (at least not an official licensed version). As the headline of this article surely reveals, that’s now changed! An official version of Stratego has arrived on Facebook, iOS, and the aptly-named stratego.com. We’ve had a chance to play it, and fans of the board game version have plenty to be excited about.

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