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User review by Duckyohara


This is a sweet, leisurely casual adventure game about four women friends who go camping in the woods and get swept into another era (probably the 19th century since some action takes place on a steamboat). Most active is Maylynn who takes it upon herself to help lift the curse of the Cypress Witch from a bride -- with the help of the groom, a Native American. Along the way you fix steam pipes, "weave" a rug, help decorate the outdoors wedding site, and assemble ingredients for magic spells. There are some nice puzzles along the way, not killers but somewhat challenging. The art is lovely, with beautiful lighting, but it's also static, and some of the action is conveyed by cartoonish scenes in boxes -- yes, like in a comic strip. As mentioned by others, there's voiceover only at the beginning and end, so this is a budget production.

I did find scenes of the other dimension gorgeous, even magical, which is why I rate this game a 3.5 and recommend for those who want to play something fun and relaxed.

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User review by Gardensafari


Travel through dimensions while trying to save a witch. That is the story in a nut shell. It is told in beautiful, colourful graphics, except for the other dimension, which is in blueish colours. You have to find almost all objects in the game itself. So it is a classical adventure game. Quite a lot of minigames are thrown in. A few are Hidden Object Scenes, most are jigsaws, pipes and "push-the-right-button".

It is well made, a joy to play and all puzzles are skipable. A good voice over, but only in the beginning and at the end of the game. The remainder of the story is told in cartoons. The adventure itself is very easy. It does not involve running around a lot. The mini games are easy to medium hard. This game is however on the short side. For those who really dig adventures it is all a little too easy and too short. But for those who love mini games this game is an excellent way to pass a rainy afternoon.

To me this game is somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. I rate it 4 stars though, because of the nice colourful scenery and the light hearted story, which is a relieve after all the asylums, grave yards and gloomy old buildings which are so predominant in adventure games nowadays.

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User review by Quantum Enigma


I was cracking up throughout this game over the cheesy New Age story line. Women named Moonflower and Rowan, one of which looks like Cory Feldman in The Lost Boys, crystals that help one vibrate at a higher frequency and change dimensions, and many other groovy hippy themes abound. Nonetheless, it was a pretty fun game with some pretty challenging puzzles. I admit I skipped a few, whether due to impatience or incompetence is anyone's guess. No HO scenes in this game. It is a straight up casual adventure game. Oh and the romantic hero is over the top cheese, calling the player "sweet one" constantly. Its also pretty short. A fair way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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User review by aitchie


A bit disappointing. It had a nice atmosphere to it and quite a sweet storyline but otherwise didn't have much going for it,

The adventure elements had a few HOG scenes in - but some objects were just behind things and there was no way of finding them but randomly clicking on other objects to see if they moved so it felt like no skill involved.

The items otherwise were all relatively easy to find and obvious where to use and when. Only a few areas in each chapter so no where to even explore.

The mini games were things like pairs and a few of the usual click to close/open/match all of the boxes.

Overall okay I guess, but it only took me about two hours to complete the whole game - although I may have got bored if it had lasted much longer!

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User review by istara


What a lovely game! I particularly like the use of CGI people, I hate real poeple or video being incorporated into HOGs. The graphics are lovely throughout, and clear.

It is not the longest game, but this was only a Standard Edition so that didn't matter so much. The story was original, simple and sweet.

The changing-between-dimensions worked really well here and looked great. Moving between scenes was also nice a quick, none of that horrible drag/delay that makes searching and backtracking a chore. Backtracking is pretty minimal here.

Puzzles weren't overly hard, there was one I skipped (a loom weaving thing) and there was a nice variety.

I would have preferred to have one player-heroine, I got confused with three, particularly as they all had dark hair and two of them had weird names I kept confusing (Maylynn and Moonflower). Particularly in a short game, there wasn't really room for three narratives. However that's my personal preference, and it doesn't really affect gameplay.

Overall, this is just a really enjoyable game. It's not epic, but it does feel beautifully complete.

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User review by boochie54


A nice, happy little game. I liked the different story setting, having 3 companions to the main character, and although the puzzles were pretty easy, the adventure aspect took more thought, especially once you got into the time-shifting. The graphics are bright and clear. There’s not a lot of excess padding: the game is compact and well-designed, if a bit linear, with only 4 or 5 simple silhouette HO scenes. It took me just under 3 hours so I didn’t find it that short: I’ve played some standard editions of CEs that weren’t a whole lot longer. If you’re really stuck on the time thing, take advantage of a sale and try this as a break from hidden objects, ghosts and demons, doom and gloom. 3.5 stars.

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User review by Aranelka


The game was rather short and some puzzles/minigames very easy, but I really enjoyed it. Nice graphics, story was more or less original and because the locations were changing a lot, there was no need to go back and fro throught everything like in the most of games.

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User review by Nanna


Although a rather short game I think this rates a 5 star as very different,no repeats from other games except for the time travel which seems the norm lately but lovely graphics & a good story with no relations getting lost & needing rescue,the facial expressions were fitting & music blending quietly in back ground

Won't say more as it is so new & many won't have played but good one

It would have been nice if longer but I'm guessing it maybe someone starting out,if so WELL DONE & hope for more

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User review by Grimlaura


It took me 2 and a half hours so as you think its short.
Lift a curse and reunite a bride and groom in this game built more like in classic adventure style.
There are few HO scenes and classic puzzles but most of the objects are found in the scenery. The mechanics reminds a bit of the Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain.
As the story goes very straight forward there aren't many locations to run around but the tasks requires a bit of thinking. Its not something too simple and easy to do.
The graphics are well done and goes very well with the story. On the other hand the sounds are not up to the same quality.
And as said the game is quite short.
As it ends with the feeling that it should been more, the rating goes about 3.5 but closer to 3.

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