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Heroes of the land, assemble! The evil Deckromancer has stolen the Deck of Power! Chase the evil sorcerer across the land and use the magic of the cards to defeat your enemies. Immerse yourself in surreal landscapes from a land of magic and lore. Your tale is yet to be written. Will you save the kingdom and become a master of the cards? The challenge awaits.

Solitaire Tales Review

May 20, 2013

Following the success of games like Fairway Solitaire and Solitaire Blitz, the pyramid genre of solitaire games has regained a ton of popularity, as the incredibly accessible game type simply asks players to click on cards one number higher or lower than the card on the deck. Following in that same vein is Solitaire Tales on Facebook, a game that starts strong, but quickly suffers from pushy and even deceptive friend invites, and a skewed level difficulty that makes it hard to progress.

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