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Slingo Supreme 2 Review

May 23, 2012

Developer Funkitron has built its name on Slingo and has released a number of successful Slingo titles. Personally, the pure slots-plus-bingo idea never interested me much, but I became a convert once Funkitron began incorporating adventure-style elements into the games. The company's latest release, Slingo Supreme 2 ignores the adventure aspect, however, and returns to the pure Slingo format, doubling down on the number of powerups and minigames. Sadly, this is one of those times where bigger isn't necessarily better.

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Slingo Supreme 2 Preview

May 10, 2012

While Slingo may have been given new life by Zynga on Facebook (see: Zynga Slingo), the download franchise is still going strong, as Slingo Supreme 2 gears up for release later this month.

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