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Tips And Tricks

Tips and tricks posted here.

If you need a hint, press the Ahah button (the lightbulb) when it lights up. This will give you a hint to where the item is.

That only works when the lightbulb is bright yellow, and it recharges pretty slowly compared to a lot of HOGs.

Another good trick is if you're in HARD mode, you can change back to EASY at any time, even in the middle of a Hidden Object scene. Just click on the cellphonein the lower right. So ifyou like playing in Hard mode but you get stuck and the Aha! hasn't recahrged yet, you can just change the mode, use the cursor hand to tell you where the object is, then change the mode back. Cool

For the full walkthrough, complete with dozens of tips and tricks and screenshots for every location, just click on the green Tips & Tricks tab above the whitespace on this page.