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The Sims Social brings the fun and creativity of The Sims to Facebook! Create unique Sims and live out their dreams—or stir up trouble by pulling pranks. Develop deep relationships to unlock new features and advance: befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray. Play with life in a whole new way—with your real friends, for free!

EA shutting down SimCity Social, The Sims Social, and Pet Society

Apr 15, 2013

Flick off the lights. The party’s over. According to an announcement from EA this morning, SimCity SocialThe Sims Socialand Pet Society are all going offline on June 14. Once those three titles go dark, Playfish’s social Facebook presence will fade into blackness, too.

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Dog days are over: EA sues Zynga, calling The Ville 'blatant mimicry'

Aug 3, 2012

Hearing someone call Zynga a copycat is old news. Whether or not Zynga “draws inspiration” or “flat-out rips off” from other popular titles has been a debate for years. For the first time, however, Zynga appears to have an opponent with the financial capital to challenge the social games giant in a court of law. That opponent goes by the name of EA, and they’ve officially sued Zynga and The Ville for copyright infringement.  

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Facebook's games ticker drove 93% of The Sims Social's early traffic

Mar 9, 2012

Recently at GDC, EA Playfish's Creative Director, Ray Mazza, talked a little about what drives Facebook users to try out the games that their friends are playing. To be more specific, Mazza pointed out that the now-defunct games ticker on Facebook was responsible for 93% of the early referral traffic that reached their popular Facebook game, Sims Social.

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The Sims Social Love is in the Air Quest: How to finish it fast

Feb 9, 2012

The Sims Social Valentine's Week
If you don't know what's coming next week, we feel very sorry for your significant other. It's Valentine's Day, silly, and The Sims Social knows where it's at. Developer Playfish has released its obligatory theme for the Hallmark lovely holiday, and with it comes a brand new Skill items, the Amour Edition Typewriter, the Amour Edition Stove and the Amour Dinner for Two. More importantly, however, is that a new quest is available for players to complete in The Sims Social: Love is in the Air.

This five-step quest is relatively simple to complete, but scales in difficulty right around the final two task. Regardless, you'll want to tackle this quest, as a free Amour Stuffed Unicorn awaits those who finish it, which normally goes for 39 SimCash. For Love is in the Air, you'll need 12 Love, 10 Fruit, 15 Soapsuds, at least eight friends and a Skill item. On to how to best finish this quest:

Love is in the Air Part 1
  • Become Inspired
  • Ask 1 Friend for Valentine's Card

To become inspired, simply fulfill all of your Sim's needs. When they're all a deep, bright green, you'll know. Then, post to your Facebook Wall through the quest window to fulfill this second requirement.
The Sims Social LoveBot The Sims Social Amour Edition Stove The Sims Social Amour Edition Dinner for Two
Love is in the Air Part 2
  • Have 12 Love
  • Check Social Networks 3 Times
  • Ask 5 Sims if They are Single

Love comes from flirting with fellow Sims, though players can ask for it from friends directly, too. To check Social Networks, you can click on your friends' computers and choose the relevant option as well as your own. Asking five Sims if they're single is as simple as visiting neighbors, clicking on them, and choosing the option.

Love is in the Air Part 3
  • Reprogram LoveBot 3 Times
  • Phone Littlehaven FM 3 Times
  • Carve Eugene in 7 Beds

Bella has a LoveBot in her house, so visit her, click on her LoveBot and choose the relevant option three times. Players can "Phone Littlehaven FM 3" on either their own phone or their friends' phones. The final task requires players to "Carve Eugene" into seven different beds, not one bed seven times, hence the need for so many friends.
The Sims Social Cupids Arrow The Sims Social Amour Water Bed The Sims Social Amour Edition Typewriter
Love is in the Air Part 4
  • Have 10 Fruits
  • Harvest 8 Watermelon
  • Have 15 Soapsuds

The only way to get 10 Fruit is to ask friends directly, which we imagine can be done through the quest window. Harvesting eight Watermelon will cost a total of 152 Simoleons and take a long 12 hours. Soapsuds can only be found through friends, so ask them for the items through the quest window.

Love is in the Air Part 5
  • Ask 8 Friends Over
  • Earn 500 Simoleons from Skills
  • Mail Bottles of Aphrodisiac to Eugene

To Ask Friends Over, simply hover a friend's player icon on the friend bar lining the bottom of the screen and choose "Invite Over." You can use any old Skill item to earn the 500 Simoleons. To mail Bottles of Aphrodisiac to Eugene, simply click on your Mailbox and the relevant option. However, completing this task will take 24 hours. Finally, the Amour Stuffed Unicorn is yours.

[Sources: The Sims Social Fansite, Aude06]

Have you started Love is in the Air in The Sims Social yet? What tips might you have for finishing it even faster? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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Toyota's white Prius V will swerve into The Sims Social March 1 [Rumor]

Feb 8, 2012

Toyota Prius VYour Sim's first whip will soon arrive in The Sims Social, according to The Sims Social Fansite. The website claims to have discovered that a white version of Toyota's new Prius V will arrive in Littlehaven on March as part of a branded promotion. Playfish will make the car available to players for free for two weeks, mirroring an upcoming Toyota promotion in which would-be buyers can test drive the real Prius V for two weeks.

After that two weeks, we imagine players will have the option of buying the Prius V, known as the Yashimoto Prais in-game, for Sim Cash. According to the fan website, players will acquire the car for free (for two weeks) through a rather simple mini quest. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether players will be able to drive the car, if it ever makes it to Littlehaven.

While nothing has been confirmed, The Sims Social Fansite has accurately predicted several content updates in the past, hence our reports. Besides, Playfish has worked with Toyota before through Monopoly Millionaires, and more specifically with the Prius. Here's to hoping Sims get to go for a spin come March 1.
The Sims Social Toyota Prius V
[Image Credit: The Sims Social Fansite]

Are you psyched to know that cars might make it to The Sims Social? What other features are you holding out for from Playfish? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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Rumor: Playfish working on more storage for The Sims Social

Feb 6, 2012

The Sims Social storageSure, players want lofty things like cars and jobs for our Sims in The Sims Social, but they have more practical desires, too. If there's one thing that all players of Playfish's top social game can agree upon, it's that there simply isn't even storage space. The Sims Social Fansite reports that the developer has announced that more storage is on the way, but without a source.

According to the fan site, Playfish didn't detail when this change would come or how much storage space it would bring. The last time Playfish updated the game's storage capacity was before Christmas from 500 spaces to 550 spaces for items. Since then, several content updates have been pushed out to The Sims Social, containing over 400 items by the fan site's estimation.

Storage is a major issue for The Sims Social players. Just take a glance at this forum thread--over 30 pages of pleas for more storage--for an idea of how much of an issue it has become. And with weekly updates containing several decorations at a time, this problem is only going to get worse. That said, Playfish either needs to begin deleting older items from the game or whip up a new solution to item storage ... and fast. But this writer still wants his car.

Are you suffering from the lack of storage in The Sims Social? What do you suggest Playfish does about it? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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The Sims Social 'Hut, Hut, Hut' quest plugs Madden NFL Superstars

Feb 3, 2012

The Sims Social Littlehaven High Medals
It's Sports Week in The Sims Social, and Playfish has introduced not one, but two quests. The first of which, Team Littlehaven, you can learn how to best right here. The second, however, is less of a quest and more of a little way to get folks pumped for the Super Bowl this Sunday. Well, it's both that and a not-so-subtle way of getting players down with Madden NFL Superstars.
The Sims Social Hut, Hut, Hut
Hut, Hut, Hut
  • Play Madden NFL Superstars for Inside Information
  • Phone in to Pick Who You Think Will Win

For this first task, players will have to click on their Sim's computer and choose the option "Research Football Teams." The moment that happens, a new browser will appear and load EA's social sports simulator, Madden NFL Superstars. Nothing needs to be done in the game in order to fulfill the requirement, though it's quite the jarring transition. Basically, EA hopes that players will dig the game's brand new look enough to stick around for a while.

The second task simply calls for players to click on their Sim's phone and choose either "Vote for New York Giants" or "Vote for New England Patriots." And that's it: The Littlehaven High Medals decoration is yours. We've seen cross promotions in social games before (i.e. every Zynga game ever), but nothing this unexpected. It almost would have been better if players were to do more in the Facebook football game, but know what they were getting into upfront. And judging from AppData, it doesn't look to have made much of a splash.

Have you completed this quest in The Sims Social? What do you think of EA and Playfish's approach to cross-promotion? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Quest: How to finish it fast

Feb 2, 2012

The Sims Social Nacho Sombrero
The week's theme in The Sims Social is all about sports, and getting your Sims off of the couch and not just watching them. That's right, a new skill has arrived in Playfish's Facebook game, Athletics. Players can now use various skill items to level up their Sim's Athleticism, and this week's quest, "Team Littlehaven," is all about getting your Sims used to being more active.

Before you begin this five-part quest, you're going to need at least seven friends, 1,000 Social Points and six Hope. Without further delay, here's how to finish Team Littlehaven in time for the Super Bowl this Sunday. And you best get to it, because there's a nifty Nacho Sombrero in it for your Sim.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 1
Team Littlehaven Part 1
  • Post an Ad about the Event
  • Tell 5 Sims about the Trials

To post an Ad, just click on your Sim's mailbox and choose "Post An Ad." For the second requirement, visit five Sims and choose the "Talk About Trials" after clicking on them.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 2
Team Littlehaven Part 2
  • Have Simiyoga Mat or XRunner 3000 Home Edition
  • Get Athletic Skill Star

The XRunner 3000 won't be available in-game until Monday, so your best bet to fulfill this task is to pick up the Simiyoga Mat for 1,000 Social Points. The Athletic Skill Star requires at least Level 5 in the Skill, so get to using that yoga mat.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 3
Team Littlehaven Part 3
  • Sleep on 5 Different Beds
  • Have 10 Stopwatches
  • Go for a PB

For this first requirement, you must remember to click the "Extra Sleep" option when selecting friends' beds. Stopwatches come from friend help requests, so get to beggin', while the personal best is a randomly occurring bonus when using a treadmill. Bella just so happens to have a treadmill.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 4
Team Littlehaven Part 4
  • Research Rock Paper Scissors Strategy on Computers
  • Have 6 Hope
  • Beat 7 Sims at Rock Paper Scissors

The first option has players simply clicking on computers and choosing the relevant option. You can also use neighbor computers for this task. Hope seems to come from only friend requests. To beat friends at Rock Paper Scissors, just click the relevant option on them while visiting.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 5
Team Littlehaven Part 5
  • Phone 8 Internet Providers
  • Have 10 Memory Upgrades
  • Win 5 Online Rock Paper Scissors Matches

To "Phone Internet Providers," you can use either your Sim's or your friends' phones. Memory Upgrades are found only through friend requests. You can only play Online Rock Paper Scissors on your own Sim's computer, and whether you win is a random outcome, so keep at it.

[Sources: Sims Social Fansite, Aude06]

[Image Credits: Sims Social Fansite]

Have you complete Team Littlehaven yet? What do you think of this week's theme in The Sims Social? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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Valentine's Day Guide: FarmVille, CastleVille, The Sims Social, and more

Jan 31, 2012

Angry Birds Facebook ValentineFacebook games are gearing up for Valentine's Day with some surprising firsts in store. Extra special this year is that Rovio plans to bring Angry Birds to Facebook on that date. While we're not sure if Rovio will be sprucing up the launch with holiday appropriate themes (maybe they can bring in the Love Birds edition too), we do know that all the major Facebook games, such as FarmVille, CastleVille, and The Sims Social, won't miss the opportunity to sell players some virtual love.

To top it off, since The Sims Social debuted last fall, that means this year will be its first Valentine's Day. If there was ever a holiday made for the Sims, this day is it. With so much out there, we've rounded all the relevant posts into one place just so you can keep track of it all.

Visit this guide over the next two weeks for more as we play on.

The newest Valentine's Day game updates are at the top of each game list.

Jump to:
FarmVille | CastleVille | CityVille | Pioneer Trail | Hidden Chronicles | The Sims Social

castleville valentines day

CastleVille Valentine's Day

farmville valentines day

FarmVille Valentine's Day

frontierville valentines day

Pioneer Trail Valentine's Day

hidden chronicles valentines day

Hidden Chronicles Valentine's Day

cityville valentines day

CityVille Valentine's Day

Featured Valentine's Day Farms

farmville valentines dayValentine's Day Farm:
farmville valentines day farm anammmValentine's Day Farm:
farmville valentines day farm andreahoppsValentine's Day Farm:
farmville valentine day cocoon2905Valentine's Day Farm:

What's the best Valentine Day offer in your favorite Facebook game so far? Leave a comment below. Add Comments


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The Sims Social Pic of the Day: Sky Castle 'Laputa' by lingling000

Jan 30, 2012

Click the image to make it larger.

Maybe floating castles are just that popular, but out of all the Studio Ghibli creations, the one that seems to inspire Facebook players the most is Laputa: Castle in the Sky, a 1986 animated Japanese film that was in turn, inspired by a chapter of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. Even if we've yet to see any official Ghibli sets in Facebook games (aside from a one-time homage by Crowdstar's Happy Island), the recent Adventure Week in The Sims Social gave player lingling000 the tools she needed to build her own Laputa, which can definitely go on record as one of the most unconventional, yet amazing house designs ever.
Sims Social Colonel Muska
But lingling000 went one step farther -- she also dressed up her Sim as Colonel Muska, the primary antagonist of the film, by using the March Hare's Tea Jacket (costs 20 SimCash) from the Alice in Wonderland theme, and Blue Retro Sunglasses (2,200 Simoleons).

Have you seen Castle in the Sky or any of the Hayao Miyazaki films produced by Studio Ghibli?
Sound off in the comments. Add Comment


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