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Mystery Box or Homer Buddha?

There are two items of mystery under the premium items menu bar: Mr. Burns’ Mystery Box and the Homer Buddha. The Mystery Box is offered for free every fifth consecutive day you check in on your Simpsons; it costs 6 donuts otherwise. Since the Mystery Box offers items that may be purchased with game currency, it’s best to choose that only when you wish to make a quick exchange for some game cash; otherwise, choose the Homer Buddha if you have the donuts since it gives premium items each time.

It’s still a gamble since you may receive a premium item that costs fewer donuts than the 15 you paid, but I still manage to stay ahead by receiving a total number of items worth twice what I gambled.

I received Professor Frink and his laboratory for 15 DONUTS by receiving it from the Homer Buddha! His lab is worth 150 donuts. That was a huge gain since a premium character and building pay off quite well during gameplay in both experience and game currency. I’ve also received Hans Moleman (worth 60 donuts), the squeaky-voiced teen (worth 30 donuts) a tree swing, a burning bush, orange and apple trees, and a green dumpster and a planter, (at 10 donuts each, the dumpster and planter were the only items received that was less than the 15 donuts price tag).

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