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Since the latest Halloween update, there are several additional quests and quest items, new characters, decorations, and outfits for characters. Now there are even zombies to squelch!



EA also added more things we can do in our friends’ neighborhoods, like toilet papering trees and splattering rotten eggs on houses. Even the tie-in between the game and the show is stronger as one quest involves watching the Sunday, 7 October 2012 “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” episode for clues to solving a game mystery. D’oh!

Squishing ALL Those Critters:

When you wish to view those very-hard-to-see animal zombies, use the move tool then activate "hide buildings" and "hide foliage" so that your Springfield becomes opaque. The characters will be clearly visible if they are outdoors, and the zombies will be visible as well. You must de-activate move in order to squish them, but they can run but not hide from you at that point!

10 free donuts! New outfit for Homer too...