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An adventure with handsome Ninjas and hidden feelings of love...
Fight battle over the existence of Ninjas, conquer love and achieve success in both love and the adventure!!
"Shall we date?:Ninja Love for GREE" is a popular novel type dating simulation game set in an era of turmoil in Japan. You are suddenly informed that you are a princess of Ninja origin. Trying to fight battles over the existence of Ninjas, you will enjoy sweet romance with handsome Ninjas!!
?What people are saying?
Just absolutely amaging!! ?????
I absolutely LOVE this app it is best one yet!
Anyone who has played this app knows it deserves more than 5 stars!
Very intersting so far! ?????
I like all the other features besides just visual novel. It makes the game more intersting and gives the player more to do.
Multiple-ending stories: each ending will change according to conversations between you and your selected character.
Clearing a variety of characters and stories, you will enjoy various adventures!
Receive high quality photos and Mails in the middle of the story!
Fulfilling social network: invite other players and send comments to each other!
Clear missions and gain as many Medals as you can!
There's a variety of bonuses including a Log-in Bonus.
?This game required internet connection.
Please play with a stable internet connection.
?When you start this game, please make GREE account.
*How to make GREE’s account.
1. Go “Sign up”
2. (If you have Facebook or Open Feint account)
- go to “Sign in with Facebook”.
- Put Email/Password and just push “Log in” button!
(If you do not have any account)
-Put Username/ Email/Password/Name/Birthday/Gender at “Sign up” page,
then push “Next” button!
-You will get Email from GREE admin that you ware registered before.
Check the Email and access URL with your Password.
3. Let’s star sweet journey with Ninjas!

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