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It’s Halloween night, and Dylan and her fellow students have decided to throw a Halloween party at abandoned Stone Farm. Little do they know, their decorations aren’t the only things hanging around this spooky house. When the friends stumble upon an ancient artifact, they unwittingly open a portal to the underworld and release the souls of the Stone family, which were being held captive by Lord of Darkness Samhain! The enraged demon steals the souls of the students in revenge, but Dylan narrowly escapes his clutches. Can Dylan earn the help of the escaped spirits and save her friends? Play the game and find out for yourself – if you’ve got the guts.

Shadows: Price for Our Sins Walkthrough

Mar 1, 2013

On Halloween night a group of friends decide to play a board game and find they have opened a portal of evil which will trap their souls in a dimension between the living and the dead for eternity. It’s up to Devon (with your help) to figure out what really happened, and free her friend’s souls as well as the tortured souls of the past. Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Shadows: Price for Our Sins will provide you with detailed images, tips, hints, and information to help you play your best game.

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Shadows: Price for Our Sins Review

Feb 20, 2013

As Collector's Editions dominate the hidden object genre, players have come to expect every game to have a host of extras. But whatever happened to making a good basic game? Although sloppy here and there, Shadows: Price for our Sins, the spooky new adventure by 8 Floor Games, reminds us of the days when developers didn't pad their products (and their price tags) with pointless extras and focused instead on making great games.

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