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Royal Envoy: Bonus Levels Strategy Guide

This is a work in progress, and might be split into separate User Tips later.

I'm trying to use the general format of the included Comprehensive Strategy Guide.


101 - Buridan's Bridges

You start with 350 Wood, no money, 4 cabins you can't reach, an existing Market you can't reach, and a damaged Cottage blocked by a Bandit. There are three broken bridges to deal with, but you only need to repair two of them.

The Goal is 1 Cottage with 3 stars and 8 Homes (of any type) with gardens.

Royal Envoy

  • Repair the Bridge [14] (costs 200 Wood) to get access to the left side of the town.
  • Collect Rent on Cabins [1], [2], [3] and [13] and install Siding on them immediately. Do not bother with upgrading the Cabins.
  • Clear Obstacles at [8] and [17]
  • Trade at Market [7], but try not to use up too much wood at this time.
  • As soon as you have 1,000 Gold, pay the Ransom to the Bandit [9] and then clear Obstacle [11]. You can now ignore that Bridge [10]. It could be argued that it is better to repair the Bridge [10] and ignore the Bandit, but 100 Wood costs 1,000 Gold (and time to produce at the Sawmill).
  • With money collected from Rent and Market, start Production at the Sawmill [19]. Produce as much wood as you can afford.
  • Build Cabins at [5], [6], and [12] and install Siding on them ASAP.
  • Continuously collect Rent from all Cabins
  • Build Bridge [18] as soon as you have 200 Wood.
  • Pay Ransom to Bandit [15] when you have 1,500 Gold.
  • Repair Cottage [16]. Install Siding then upgrade to 3 Stars
  • Add Gardens to all Cabins.


102 - Startup Capital

You start with 500 Gold, 350 Wood, 5 Workers and 7 Tax Collectors. Most of the roads are blocked by obstacles. You also have an existing Bank you can't reach.

The Goal is 80 Happiness.

Royal Envoy

  • Start by clearing Obstacle [8] and bulding a Workshop at [4]. Keep the Workshop in constant production throughout the level. Even though it only multiplies 5 Wood to 50 Wood, it ALSO gets 1/2 the materials from demolished buildings.
  • While the Workshop is being constructed, clear obstacles at [11] and [7].
  • As soon as you can reach the Bank [10] withdraw ALL THE MONEY (1,500 Gold) Click three times to send three Tax Collectors (who only take 500 Gold each). Then, demolish the Bank as soon as the Workshop is in production. Build a Cabin to replace the Bank at [10] and put siding on it immediately.
  • As a general principle, always put siding on a Home as soon as it is built, so that won't be repeated throughout these tips.
  • Build a Sawmill at [12]. As soon as you can, produce 100 Wood, demolish the Sawmill and replace it with a Cabin [12].
  • During the rest of the level, continue to clear obstacles [6,13,9,5,15,16,17], because you get 10 Wood for each one cleared.
  • Start building Cabins at [3], [1], [14], [9] as soon as you can reach the lots.
  • Add Gardens to all Cabins (adds +10 Happiness each) as soon as you can.
  • Build a Lantern at [2] (adds +10 Happiness to Cabins at [1] and [3]).


103 - Riverbend

You start with 1,000 Gold, 280 Wood, 5 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors and 60 Happiness. Several obstacles are in the roads and you have several broken Bridges [9], [11], [16]. There is an existing Market [19] (which you can't yet reach).

The Goal is 5 Cottages with 3 stars and 5 Flowerbeds (not 5 Flowers).

In the screenshot below, the area with the grey shading is originally obscured by the Smoking Bandit [15]. You need to pay him 1,500 Gold to have access to the hidden Treasure [5] and Sawmill [6].

Royal Envoy

  • Build a Workshop [12] and keep it in constant production throughout the level. As soon as the Workshop is in production, you can start to demolish the existing Lanterns and Flowers to make way for the Flowerbeds you will be installing at [1, 3, 7, 13, and 20].
  • Clear Obstacle on lot [8].
  • Collect Taxes on the Cottage you can access [2] and then immediately install siding. As you can access other existing Cottages, remember to install siding, then continue with upgrades to 3 stars.
  • Repair the Bridge [16].
  • Remove Obstacles at [17] and [18]. As soon as the Market [19] is accessible, start trading.
  • Install siding on the Cottage at [14]. Demolish Flower [13].
  • When you have 1,500 Gold, pay off the Bandit [15].
  • Repair the Bridge [9]. Clear Obstacle [10]. Install siding on Cottage [4]. Demolish Flower [3].
  • Repair Bridge [11].
  • Dig up Treasure [5] and start production at Sawmill [6]. Keep up production at Sawmill as you get Gold from Rent and Market Trading.
  • Build a Cottage [8] and install siding, then start upgrading Cottage [8].
  • Demolish Market [19] and replace with Cottage [19], and upgrade to 3 stars.
  • Build Flowerbeds on [1, 3, 7, 13 and 20].


104 - A Bit of Castling

You start with no money, 500 Wood, 7 Workers, 7 Tax Collectors, 3 Existing Cabins [4,7,11], an existing Workshop [10], lots of Obstacles, and a Bandit [6] who wants 5,000 Gold. There is a Treasure [1] but you can't reach it until you clear the way.

The Goal is 3 Markets, 3 Cabins with Gardens, and all homes must have 15 Happiness. This means that you need to build a garden (+10 Happiness) and flowerbed (50 Wood) next to each home (+5 Happiness).

In this screenshot, the Obstacles are all marked with Red letters [A–M], to make them stand out. Remember that while you have the Workshop operating you get 10 Wood for each Obstacle you clear.

Royal Envoy

  • Keep the Workshop operating continuously. Be careful not to deplete your Materials to less than 5 or the Workshop will stop operating.
  • Collect taxes from the existing Cabins [4,7,11], then immediately add siding and start upgrading them to 3 stars in order to increase Tax collections. Add Gardens (25 Wood each). Add Flowerbeds at [3], [8] and [12] as soon as Obstacles [C], [D], [G], [L], [M] are cleared.
  • When have 5,000 Gold, pay off the Bandit [6], then clear Obstacle [B] and dig up Treasure [1].
  • As soon as the Treasure [1] is dug up and the money is back in the Castle, build a Sawmill (not a Market) at [2]. With the money you collected from the Treasure, continue to produce the maximum amount of materials at the Sawmill.
  • Build Markets at [9] and [5].
  • Continue to clear Obstacles at [A], [E], [F] and [H].
  • As soon as the Sawmill is operating, and 2 Markets are built, and you have at least 250 Wood, demolish the Workshop [10] and replace it with a Market.


105 - Abandoned Village

You start with 500 Gold, no Wood, 3 Workers, 4 Tax Collectors, and –20 Happiness. You have 6 Cottages (which you can't reach), lots of Obstacles, a broken Bridge, and an existing Bank and Market (which you can't reach) and 2 Workshops (which you can't reach).

The Goal is 60 Happiness, and no homes with less than 20 Happiness.

The trick to this level is that you are going to concentrate on the Cottage [8] near the Castle, getting 60 Happiness there. To do that, you need to demolish all the other buildings (except for the Workshops) to get the Materials you need. Remember that you get 1/2 of the materials when you demolish a building while the Workshop is functional. Don't bother trading at the Market.

Royal Envoy

  • Clear Obstacle [H] to get access to the Workshops [13], [14]. Keep the Workshops in constant production.
  • Clear Obstacle [D] to get access to the 3-Star Cottage with Garden [8]. Repair it ASAP, then add Siding and start collecting Rent.
  • Repair the Bridge [6] (costs 150 Wood) to get access to the Bank [2].
  • Withdraw all money from the Bank [2]. There should be $2000. Withdraw this money to hire 2 more Workers, and continue hiring Workers as your money accumulates from Rent on the Cottage [8]. You will need to demolish the Bank eventually, but wait until you have 7 or 8 Workers hired.
  • Start demolishing the Cottage at [3]. Clear Obstacle [A] and demolish Cottage [1].
  • On the Improvement Lots [7], [9] and [10] (in Green). Build 2 Flowers (each costs 450 Wood, gives +20 Happiness) and one Lantern (150 Wood, +10 Happiness) as soon as you have enough Wood from the Workshops and demolishing the other buildings.
  • Clear Obstacle [C] and demolish Market [5] and Cottage [4] to get materials.
  • Clear Obstacles [G,F,E] and demolish Cottages [12] and [11] to get materials.
  • Demolish the Bank [2] to get materials.
  • You should not have to demolish the Workshops, but you can if you really want to.


106 - Greedy Pirate

You start with no Gold, No Wood, 7 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors. Mostly everything is blocked by Obstacles or Bandits.

The Goal is to Dig 1 Treasure and achieve 240 Happiness.

This Tip is divided into two sections. Part 1 is before you pay off the Smoking Bandit at [6] with $1,500.

Part 1

Royal Envoy

  • Start by clearing Obstacle [C] to access Workshop [3]. Keep Workshops in constant production.
  • Clear Obstacle [D] to reach Smoking Bandit [6]. He wants $1,500. This also gives to access to Market [4].
  • As soon as you have 100 Wood, repair Bridge [2], giving you access to Workshop [1]. Put it in constant production as well.
  • Continue clearing Obstacles [B], [A] and [E] to get materials for the Workshops. The Bandit [7] wants $20,000 before you can access the Treasure [5]. So you will need to start accumulating Gold very quickly.
  • As soon as Market [4] is available, start trading to accumulate $1,500 so you can pay the Smoking Bandit [6] in order to reach Part 2.

Part 2

Royal Envoy

Once the Smoke clears, you discover that you have 2 Banks [8,9], 4 Cottages (in various levels of upgrade [10,12,13,15], and two Building Improvement Lots [11,14].

  • Collect Rent at the Cottages and (of course) add Siding. Continue to Collect Rent while you upgrade the Cottages to 3 Stars. Add Gardens to the Cottages.
  • Of course, keep the Workshops continuously operating.
  • Keep withdrawing Gold from the Banks as it accumulates. You can only get 500 Gold with each trip by a Tax Collector, so wait until there is at least $500 before collecting.
  • Add Gardens to each Cottage.
  • As soon as you have $20,000, pay off the Bandit [7] and dig Treasure [5] (gives you 2500 Wood!).
  • If you need to, demolish the Banks [8] and [9]. You can demolish the Market for materials, but it should not be necessary.
  • Build Fountains at [11] and [14] (each one requires 1500 Wood).


107 - Smooth Transition

You start with 5,000 Gold, 50 Wood, 2 Workers, 1 Tax Collector.

The Goal is to collect 10,000 Gold and build 8 Lanterns.

Six Workshops already exist. Four are reachable [2,3,8,14], but two of them [6,11] are blocked by the broken bridge [15] and some Obstacles.

Each Lantern will require 150 Wood, so you need to generate up to 1,200 Wood total just for them. Remember that Workshops recycle 1/2 the materials from demolished buildings while they are operating.

You start with only 2 Workers, but you will need a minimum of 6 eventually.

You will also need to build 2 Markets to generate Gold quickly. Keeping them near the Castle saves time for your Tax Collectors. You will also need to hire a 2nd Tax collector eventually, so that your Market Gold collections don't have to wait.

Royal Envoy

  • Start production at Workshops [2] and [3]. Of course, keep Workshops operating continuously.
  • Hire 2 Workers and start them at Workshops [8] and [14].
  • Hire 2 more Workers. Get one started on repairing Bridge [15] as soon as you have more than the 200 wood required. Be careful not to deplete your remaining Wood to less than 5, or you won't have any for the Workshops to process.
  • As soon as the Bridge [15] is repaired, start production at Workshop [11].
  • Demolish the Workshop [8] and replace it with a Market (so it's close to the Castle). Start trading at Market.
  • Continue clearing Obstacles at [A,B,C,D] and as soon as Workshop [6] is in production, demolish the Workshop at [14] and replace it with a Market. Start trading at Market.
  • Hire a 2nd Tax Collector to speed Market Gold collection.
  • Continue to Trade at Markets [8] and [14] to save up 10,000 Gold.
  • Don't stop all Workshop production, because you need a supply of Wood to Trade at Markets and to build the Lanterns.
  • As Wood becomes available, build Lanterns at [1,4,5,7,9,10,12,13].


108 - A Pirate's Cabin

You start with no Gold, 100 Wood, 5 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors and 20 Happiness.

The Goal is 100 Happiness (and you already have 20 from the existing Flower [7].

You have two existing Cottages with 3 Stars accessible. One needs repair [1]. Remember that houses needing Repair will not generate Rent.

There is a Smoking Bandit [10] (who wants 1000 Gold) blocking the shaded area in the upper right, which includes 3 Treasures [2,3,4].

An existing Market [9] is blocked by a Bandit [11] (who wants 3000 Gold).

You will also need to repair the Bridge [15] (200 Wood) in order to access the Cottages and Cabin [12,13,14] at the lower part of the screen.

Royal Envoy

  • Start by Collecting Rent at Cottage [8], then install Siding on it.
  • Repair the damaged Cottage [1], Collect Rent, then install Siding on it.
  • Start clearing Obstacles [A,B,C,D].
  • Pay the Smoking Bandit [10] 1000 Gold.
  • Dig Treasures [2,3,4]. You can safely ignore the Bandit by the Treasures.
  • Demolish the Cabin [5] and replace it with a Sawmill. Start Sawmill [5] production and make 200 Wood.
  • Build Cabin at [6] and install Siding.
  • Place Gardens at Cottages [1,8] and Cabin [6].
  • As soon as you have 3000 Gold, pay off Bandit [11].
  • Start trading at Market [9]. Continue Trading to make money for Sawmill.
  • Continue maximum production at Sawmill.
  • Repair Bridge [15] when 200 Wood is available.

The final three houses should all be worked on at the same time:

  • Clear Obstacle [G] and repair and install Siding and Garden on Cottage [14].
  • Clear Obstacle [F] and repair and install Siding and Garden on Cabin [13].
  • Clear Obstacle [E] and repair and install Siding and Garden on Cottage [12].
  • If time is running short near the end of the level, and you have at least 225 Materials, don't worry about Tax Collection on [12,13,14], but make sure they have Gardens to meet the Happiness Goal.


109 - A Fishing Village

You start with no Gold, 500 Wood, 5 Workers and 5 Tax Collectors.

The Goal is 1 Sawmill, 3 Banks (2 needed), 2 Lanterns, and 30 Happiness.

You have 3 existing Cottages.

This level is rather simple compared to the previous Bonus Levels.

Royal Envoy

  • Start collecting Rent on Cottages [1,2,3]. Install Siding, then start upgrading them to 3 Stars. When they are at 3 Stars, each Cottage should produce 500 Gold Rent per cycle.
  • As Rent is collected, withdraw money from Bank until you have 2500 Gold to pay off the first Bandit [10].
  • Build a Sawmill [4] when you have another 1000 Gold saved up.
  • Continue collecting Rent and withdrawing money from Banks continuously, use money to produce materials at Sawmill after all Bandits are paid off.
  • Start producing materials at Sawmill [4] and when you have 250 Wood produced, build a 2nd Bank [7].
  • Add Gardens to Cottages [1,2,3].
  • When you have 5000 Gold, pay off Bandit [11].
  • Build 3rd Bank [9] when you have 250 more materials.
  • Continue producing materials at Sawmill [4] and build Lanterns (150 Wood each, 300 Total) at [6] and [8].


110 - Meandering Path [Not yet finished]

You start with 500 Gold, no Wood, 5 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors.

The Goal is 3 Cabins with 3 Stars and 50 Happiness.

You have lots of Obstacles and an Existing Cabin with 2 Stars that you can't yet reach.

You have 3 existing Markets. One is available [1] (but you have no Wood to trade, yet). Two [2,8] are blocked by Obstacles [H,L,M].

You have an existing Sawmill [3], blocked by Obstacle [I].

You have an existing Workshop [11] blocked by a Bandit who requires 1500 Gold.

Royal Envoy

  • Start by clearing the Obstacles that you CAN reach but focus on clearing obstacles [H,L,M] to the Markets [2,8] and obstacles [I] to the Sawmill [3].
  • As soon as Workers return to the Castle, they will supply 10 Wood for each Obstacle cleared so you can start Trading at Markets [1,2,8]. Do so. Trade at Workshops to generate Gold for Bandit bribes and Sawmill production.
  • Continue clearing Obstacles as you can reach them to generate materials.
  • Your first objective is to pay off the Bandit [9] with 1500 Gold, so you can reach the Workshop [11], remove Obstacle [Q] and start repairing Bridge [12] (300 Wood).
  • Clear the Obstacle [R] so you can reach exsting Cabin [14] , repair it, and upgrade it to 3 Stars. Don't forget to install Siding between Rent collections by the Tax Collector.
  • When you have 1500 Gold, pay off Bandit [5] and clear Obstacle [P] to dig up Treasure [7].
  • [there is more to come and several ways to solve this Level]

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