Royal Envoy 2 level 48

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Royal Envoy 2 level 48

I am stuck, cannot see how to build the temple in the time allowed.  If I skip it, am promptly put near the bottom of the timer.  And have not yet found a way to read the totems or whatever they are called either.

We assume that you have built the first bridge without any problemsLaughing


you have to build the columns toward the 2d bridge at first, 1 column after it - there is a treasure here

Then you have to return to the 1st bridge and go to the north-east - there are 2 paths, choose the one on the right

There is another treasure on the end of the path. And you'll have enough woods for all of the columns

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I just played to game in expert mode and "filmed" it. I put a walktrough of the maze here and the first part of the level here


The only difference between expert and normal mode is the timer so it should work in both modes...