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Rock the Vegas Fun - Rocker492 friend code cec21e

The game is intriguing. One begins with a desert where you can erect buildings & landmarks, decorate with shrubbery, build streets, and earn income from the hotels and attractions. Reach out to friends in order to exchange gifts and hints. Earn extra dollars and coins when you achieve various levels. Interface with Facebook and Twitter (and email, though for email, connectivity has failed me the entire time) to expand opportunities in the game.It is fun to visit others' cities, and to find rewards when doing so. It is frustrating to experience crashes and connectivity issues. And, it would be more fascinating if gold coins and gambling chips could be earned with regularity ... plus, it would be fun to be able to gamble the chips when visiting friends (though this might be an opportunity I haven't yet discovered).Bring it on. Day or night. A fun way to organize your own city of entertainment. Can involve the whole family! Overall, a great game.Here are some hints:

Shopper Award: 15 stores simultaneously
Entertainment Award - 10 circus simultaneously

Mega Party Goer- 10 discos
Lord of Excitement- 5 casinos simultaneously
Palm Paradise - 30 palm trees
Cacti Valley- 30 cacti
Oak Grove- plant 10 oaks
Simple Solutions: Build 15 motels simultaneously
Bowling fan: Build 15 bowling clubs simultaneously

Remember the King: 3 Elvis monuments

and here is a pretty complete list:http://rockthevegas.wikia.com/wiki/AwardsAdd Rocker 492 to your friends. Enter my code - cec21e - to get money, golden coins or bonuses!

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