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New Facebook Game Cheats Found

http://pcdownloadcentral.blogspot.comI got the Farmville auto bot to automatically plow my field and so on.Its nice.... check it out!
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Cityville Supremacy Guide (Cheatbook) Free Ebook

download here :http://filesmy.com/1L88997Cheatbook Includes:How to get 10 city cash EverydayHow to get serious amounts of xpHow to level up x3 as quicklyEnergy Cheat (you wont ever have to beg neighbors again)How to speed up crops
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Free Facebook Auto Gift Collector Bot

Guys I found this GiftAuto accepts Facebook requests and gifts back automatically! get it here http://fileme.us/2L9h85and this GiftScraper automatically accepts facebook wall gifts! click here to download http://fileups.net/1L9h89or u can check this website that I found..
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Did you know that if you put something in front of the door, it blocka your customers from coming in - a good way to save your food! Oh and by the way, just pinch the screen inwards to zoom out - its easy!
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Zooming in and out

I somehow zoomed in on my restaurant and can not figure out how to zoom back out...Any suggestions??
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Restaurant Story: Essential tips for beginner

I've found some useful tips by googling and decided to summarize them here.Appliances: Appliances that can serve most dishes are stoves, followed by ovens and then grills. Add new appliances based on this fact, e.g. 3 stoves, 2 ovens, and 1 grill.Gifts: Sending gifts to your neighbour doesn't cost..
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Sending and Receiving Gifts makes everyone Rich!

One of the best ways to earn large amounts of money in Restaurant Story is to have a lot of Neighbors because Neighbors are the only people that can send you gifts which translate into free money.Neighbors are more valuable to have than just visiting community members as you can earn double the..
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Tips to Increase Neighbors and Income

When you play Restaurant Story you will need a Storm8 ID which is a free account used to connect players from other games developed by TeamLava LLC such as Farm Story and City Story. All you need is a user name. No emails or filling out of forms is needed. Once you type in your preferred user name,..
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