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By Andy Chalk | Dec 11, 2012 |

This reality show isn't just horrible - it's horrific!

The "Fright Reality Show" provides a bit of an unusual twist on the reality television genre we've come to know and love. To maximize the show's impact, participants agree not to notify their family members of filming dates or locations so that nobody knows what's actually happening, and more ominously, they also agree that they will bear sole responsibility for any injuries suffered while filming. And one contestant has already died!

Reality Show: Fatal Shot

Reality Show: Fatal Shot sounds like a fairly conventional hidden object adventure in which players are immersed into a dangerous game from which they cannot escape. Your job, as a detective, is to figure out who's behind all the mayhem and then put a stop to it once and for all!

The hand-drawn screenshots look good and there's at least one creepy clown, which is just about a must-have for any decent horror game. Along with the usual hidden object searches, Reality Show: Fatal Shot will also boast a number of "charming" puzzles and mini-games.

Reality Show: Fatal Shot

Reality Show: Fatal Shot

It all sounds pretty straightforward as far as hidden object adventures go, but developer ERS Game Studios promises that it will "soak the player in levels of excitement that have never been experienced in any of the other ERS games, EVER BEFORE!" That's a bold statement, and no, I didn't make it up. But whether it serves up a completely revolutionary hidden object adventure experience or not, Reality Show: Fatal Shot looks like it could be a very solid addition to the genre.

Like a vengeful birthday clown, the PC-exclusive Reality Show: Fatal Shot is "coming soon."

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