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The sequel to 2009's popular Real Racing.

And just like that, Apple invents their own Wii U

Jun 8, 2011

When Nintendo unveiled the Wii U at E3 2011 yesterday, our first impression of the device’s “keep gaming on your controller without the TV” functionality was that it seemed a little like a reverse version of Apple’s AirPlay, but for games. Now Apple is blasting back, albeit indirectly. Top iOS developer Firemint has just announced that Real Racing 2 HD will soon be playable on your TV, using the iPad 2 as your controller. This startling development will all be made possible thanks to the features found in AirPlay, Apple TV, and iOS 5.

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Real Racing 2 Review

Dec 17, 2010

If you’ve ever enjoyed a racing game on the iPhone, there’s a good chance you owe developer Firemint a thank you. Their original Real Racing title was a hit on the App Store, and it perfected tilt-steering in a way that nearly every racer since has tried to copy. Now, 18 months after the release of the original, Real Racing 2 has arrived.

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Real Racing 2 Preview

Dec 10, 2010

Now that Real Racing 2 is nearing its pre-release finish line, Firemint has decided to release all of the remaining details about this hotly anticipated racer – and there’s a lot.

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