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Location of Engine Parts and Repair

Collect all Engine Parts outside.Click on the Door to the Cabin and collect the Plugs and Wires.The following screenshots show the placement of all Engine Parts.You'll still need one more part that you'll need to get from the Office Safe.
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Banyan Tree Evidence and VooDoo Dolls

After gathering the Evidence at the Graveyard, proceed to the Banyan Tree location.Pick up the Tweezers, from the Toolbox, and click on the Thread, on the tree. See the next screenshot.Next, find 10 VooDoo Dolls.Investigate the Rock.Return to the Graveyard and get the Shovel.Click on the Rock.Use..
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Evidence at the Graveyard

Gather the Evidence in any order you choose. The Victim, the Tire Tracks, the Glove, the Blood Evidence and the Bike. Next, pick up the Flashlight, then use the Swab from your Toolbox to collect the Blood Evidence. Look at the next screenshot for the locations.Then, click on the monument next to the..
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Location of All Body Parts in the Gator Pit

The following screenshots show the location of all 6 body parts, using the X-ray wand from your Toolbox, in the Gator Pit in Chapter 2: Feeding Time.
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VooDoo Temple Candle and Images Solutions

Pick up the two Red candles and place them in the sconces.Place the Green (or Blue, depending on your opinion) candles in the second set of sconces revealed after you placed the Red candles.Place the tall, white candles in the remaining sconces, now revealed on the back wall.Click on the altar for..
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General game Tips

1. The Hint Button doesn't recharge; you basically have unlimited hints. It's always grey until you mousover it. See the next 2 screenshots for an example.Normal status of Hint ButtonMouseover status of Hint ButtonOnce you click on the Hint Button, you only have a second or two to see the revealed..
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