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By Dant Rambo | Sep 21, 2012 |

Game Introduction - Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run, developed by Ubisoft, is a 2D platformer that draws a lot of influence from the endless runner genre. Making it to the end of each level is the ultimate goal, but the addition of cleverly-placed “Lums” and hidden areas gives the player plenty of reasons to return to levels and seek out everything. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game. 

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To download Rayman Jungle Run, click the “Play Now” button at the top of this page. Unless you’re nabbing it in the midst of a sale or promotion, it costs $2.99 to download.

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Upon firing the game up you’ll be directed to the main menu. There, you’ll have a few different choices:

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Options – Here’s where you go to toggle the game’s music and sound effects. Additionally, you can reset everything or view the credits.

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Gallery – You’ll unlock artwork as you play through Rayman Jungle Run, and this is where you go to view it! It all serves as great wallpapers for your phone/tablet, and choosing one of the images will direct you to a site where you can download it.
  • Change Save – It’s not often you see this in a mobile game, but there are multiple save files in Rayman Jungle Run. If a friend or family member wishes to play the game on a file all their own, here’s where they can do that!
  • Achievements – The name says it all: This is where you go to view which achievements you’ve unlocked, along with the ones you haven’t.
  • Play – Here’s where you go to quit the game. Psyche! Once you’re ready to begin playing the game, tap the “PLAY” option in the center of the screen.

Playing the Game

  • It’s time to get crackin’ on how to play the game. Don’t be intimidated! It’s very easy to pick up on, thanks in no small part to its convenient structure. Assuming you’ve hit play, the screen directly below this is what you should be seeing.

Rayman Jungle Run

  • There are 36 main levels in Rayman Jungle Run (more on the extra levels shortly), and they’re broken down into four different sets. Each set revolves around a specific move, including jump, fly, wall run, and punch.
  • Jump – Ahh, the most common move in all of platforming. While you’ll unlock the other moves you see on the menu screen, for now all you can do is run and jump. And being an endless runner, Rayman does all the running for you! All you have to do is tap to jump at the appropriate times. These first nine levels are pretty simple, and serve as more or less a training ground for players to adjust to the game’s idiosyncrasies.

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Fly – Now things are starting to pick up – literally, even! You can totally fly now or, to be more specific, hover. Tapping still lets you jump, but holding your finger down on the screen will cause Rayman to hover. This is where the game begins to introduce wide chasms and heavy winds that slowly carry you upward or to the left and right.

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Wall Run – Like every other move, the name of this one is pretty self explanatory. In this set of levels, Rayman gains the ability to run up various walls. It changes up the game in some pretty interesting ways, though, as you’ll occasionally be running on the roof and elsewhere.

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Punch – While some enemies can be defeated by jumping on them, you’ll also encounter some that have sharp objects on their hats. This is where punching (or kicking) comes in! There are also lots of wooden obstacles Rayman will have to punch through in order to progress. Unlike the other moves, which are used by tapping anywhere on the screen (short of wall running, which happens by itself), punching has a dedicated button in the bottom right of the screen. These are easily the most intricate levels, as you know have a total of four moves in your arsenal.

Game Elements

Rayman Jungle Run


  • Lums – How about them Lums, right? They’re everywhere! 100 in each level, to be exact. While many of them are easier to grab than they are to avoid, quite a few of them are tucked away in secret areas or slightly off the path you’re likely headed down. You can typically tell where they’re hidden, but sometimes it takes multiple playthroughs to both discover and grab them all.
  • Coins – There are also coins tucked away in every level, each of which nets you 20 Lums. It seemed like these were more often hidden than the Lums themselves, though it helps that they’re large and gaudy. They’re hard to miss, unless they’re hidden!

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Hearts – They’re pretty rare to come by, but having a heart in your possession makes it so it takes two – as opposed to one – hits for you to die. Sadly, falling off the level is a one-hit kill no matter what.

Rayman Jungle Run

  • Teeth – Each level comes with a chance to earn a Tooth of the Dead, but only if you grab every single Lum in it. And these teeth aren’t just for looking at, either: nabbing five of them in any set of levels grants you access to the “Land of the Dead” level for that given set. These levels are obscenely hard, but not unlike the other levels in structure. The two main differences are that you’re being timed, and there are no Lums to gather. And did I mention that they’re hard? They really, really are.


  • Explore, explore, explore. It may seem like there are times when a game is a strictly linear affair, but doing things like jumping the opposite way off a vine or letting yourself fall down certain gaps will result in the discovery of hidden Lums.
  • Worry more about finishing a level before finding every Lum in it. This way, you’ll have a stronger knowledge of where they’re located when you play again.
  • Wall jumps are a fickle art. Pulling one off is easy as pie, but timing is a very big factor when it comes to landing where you intend to. And once the walls and floors become lined with thorny vines, this is important. Work on your timing!
  • There are a lot of areas in the later portions of the game where hovering isn’t crucial, but it serves as a great way to refine your jumping and make sure you land where you really want to.
  • Killing every enemy you encounter isn’t necessary. In fact, sometimes it’s better to try and just avoid them. I’d be singing a different tune if they had Lums in their possession, but they don’t!


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