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In Ravenwood Fair you build a fair for critters amongst a dark forest. As the user plays on, they find there are other forces conspiring to see them fail, all while interacting with various cute critters and characters.

Former 6waves Lolapps CEO leaves company following developer layoffs

Mar 24, 2012

Earlier in the week, we reported that social games giant 6waves Lolapps laid off most of its internal development staff (essentially, the "Lolapps" half of "6waves Lolapps") in order to re-focus on its efforts on publishing third-party games. Hang on tight, 'cause the earth's still moving: on Friday, Arjun Sethi, the former CEO of Lolapps, announced on his blog that he's leaving 6waves Lolapps entirely.

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6waves Lolapps cuts its development staff, focuses on publishing

Mar 19, 2012

Social gaming company 6waves Lolapps announced earlier today that it has laid off much of its internal development staff. Instead of developing games in-house, the company will focus on publishing games by third parties.

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Cloudforest Expedition trailer coming, but you have to "Like" it first

Aug 12, 2011

We've been excited for Cloudforest Expedition, the debut game from John Romero's new social games studio Loot Drop, ever since it was announced. But up until now we've only had brief glimpses of the game provided by a steady streem of art released by the developers. However, it looks like soon we'll be able to finally see Cloudforest in action with a debut trailer ... but there's a catch.

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MapleStory creator Nexon invests in 6waves Lolapps

Aug 4, 2011

The newly formed 6waves Lolapps is already making a big splash in the social gaming space, despite only recently joining forces. According to a report from VentureBeat, the new company will receive investment from none other than MapleStory developer Nexon.

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Lolapps and 6waves merge to create social gaming giant

Jul 18, 2011

One of the biggest publishers of social games, 6waves, and one of the largest developers, Lolapps, have announced that as of today they will be merging into a new games company dubbed, appropriately enough, 6waves Lolapps.

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Ravenwood Fair teams up with Best Buy for free in-game item

Jun 29, 2011

If you're a Ravenwood Fair player and are thinking about picking up some Facebook Credits anytime soon, you may want to head on down to Best Buy. The game and the retailer have joined forces to offer a free premium in-game item to anyone who purchase credits from a Best Buy location.

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The world of Ravenwood to expand with Ravenshire Castle

Jun 2, 2011

It looks like Ravenwood Fair is finally getting a sequel. After the release of the Ravenstone Mine expansion, word came that Lolapps was working on a sequel called Ravenshire Castle that will expand the series' universe. We know next to nothing about it, but at least we have some pretty art to speculate about.

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Ravenwood Fair Review

May 12, 2011

At one point slated to bea full-on separate release, the Ravenstone Mine expansion for Ravenwood Fair is finally available. And while it may look quite different that its predecessor. the core gameplay remains largely unchanged. But considering we gave the original four and a half stars, that's not necessarily a bad thing. So even though there's not really any gameplay twists in Ravenstone, the addition of a new, very different area to explore and new characters to interact with make it a great choice for those looking for a change of scenery.

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John Romero's Loot Drop reveals first social game Cloudforest Expedition

Apr 27, 2011

Social game studio Loot Drop features some of the most talented game creators in the industry, including luminaries like John Romero and Brenda Brathwaite, but up until now we had no idea just what the studio was working on. Though Loot Drop signed a publishing deal with RockYou back in January, details on that game have yet to be revealed. But the two have signed a second deal that will see RockYou publish Loot Drop's newly revealed social adventure game Cloudforest Expedition.

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Ravenstone Mine now available, no longer a separate release

Apr 25, 2011

After plenty of waiting, the Ravenstone Mine expansion for Ravenwood Fair is finally available. Though the game was initially purported to be a seperate release from the main game, it turns out that it's actually an in-game expansion, much like the English Countryside add-on for FarmVille.

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